Pulling back from the cliff

Kama Sutra Illustration

Imagine for a moment the threesome that the two of you planned is occurring flawlessly. All three of you are hitting it off, flirting is occurring and even some kissing.  Now, you move to the bedroom or hotel room where your partner says they cannot go through with it? Maybe they take on a voyeur role leaving you to please the other person. Frustrated you ask yourself, why did this happen?

There are no easy answers to the above question. Having a threesome is something that is fraught with points where the planned threesome can fall apart and this point is usually the point of no return. This is the point where the threesome can be stopped before anything intimate happens.  Most likely your partner was confronted with something that made them pull back from wanting a threesome.

The reason for pulling back varies but can include:

  • Concerns about being seen     as gay or bisexual
  • Relationship concerns
  • Boundaries not clearly      defined or concerns about boundaries
  • Conflict regarding      personal beliefs / religious views
  • Fear of STDs / STis /      pregnancy
  • Attraction to the third      person does not exist
  • Medical / psychological      issues (e.g. Performance Anxiety or body image issues)
  • Feeling pressure or      coerced into having a threesome
  • Emotional feelings such as      jealousy or anger
  • Environmental issues
  • Vision of threesome being      different
  • Being confronted with the      decision to have a threesome
  • Age of the relationship
  • Stress
  • Life Changing events

Until the two of you talk there is no way of knowing the reason for it. Most likely if the issue can be addressed and resolved then it is probable that giving it another try is reasonable.  If you do give it another try then making changes to how you previously have approached having a threesome, the person selected, and may be try making it as stress free as possible.

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