Part 7: Coping with having a threesome a.k.a facing the realities of having a threesome

IMG_8702How do I handle having a threesome?

Porn movies leave us believing beautiful people just rip-off their clothes and a threesome just happens without impunity. Whereas talks shows and news programs during sweep week wants us believing having a threesome will lead to some cataclysmic catastrophe. Since the topic of having a threesome is not openly discussed and not much honest information is available, what we believe about having a threesome is not always true. Somewhere between the two extremes is where 99.9999% of all threesomes occur. This article will explore the remaining 99.9999% by talking about the issues and what you can do in order to get through it.

Being a part of a threesome

Up to that point a threesome remains somewhat abstract and it can be difficult to understand what it means to have a threesome. Having a threesome means having sex with someone else whereby you watch, you have sex with the third person or a combination of the two. This means at some point, as a couple, one of you will be having sex with someone other than significant other while the other watches. If it is your first time it can be quite erotic or it can be very brutal. Also, it means what you are feeling versus what you are witnessing can be quite different.

In my honest opinion there is no way to completely prepare for it beyond discussing it along with discussing your feelings. Then after the threesome talk about the experience and anything it made you feel. In addition, I believe that if you get jealous, angry, or easily upset then having a threesome may not be the best choice for you.

A threesome cannot be undone

As a threesome approaches it is possible that you may look towards it with a child-like glee and there is nothing wrong with that. It protects from over analyzing it and keeps us from worrying too much about small details. The problem is up to the the point of undressing and penetration a threesome can be stopped. However once intercourse starts there is no way to stop it and the only thing that can be done is viewing the experience differently. It is therefore better to make the decision slowly with much thought then rush into whereby you regret it later.

Feelings for the invited third person can develop

It is easy to say it is important to keep feelings separate from having sex. No matter how much we try to rationalize sex, the reality remains sex is a very intimate act and when intimacy is involved it is likely there will be some emotional attachment.

How do you minimize or prevent feelings from developing is not easy but there are few suggestions worth considering. The below are suggestions and each couple will need to consider them in light of their situation:

  1. Avoid choosing friends: A relationship and feelings already exist. Having a threesome can bring these feelings to light and make a threesome very complicated.
  2. Do not make getting to know the third person a very drawn out situation: If your goal is not a ‘poly’ / open relationship threesome then taking a lot of time in getting to know the third person is not needed. Instead when contacting the third person the contact should be limited in collecting enough information to make an informed decision about having a threesome with them. This means once the question, “Am I comfortable enough with them to have sex with them?,” can be answered then proceeding with the decision should occur. Simply put having a threesome is about sex over a short-period of time and not developing a long-lasting emotional relationship with the third person.
  3. Limit involving the third person: Because the act is intimate there maybe a desire to invite the third person to social events and / or treat them like a friend. The more they are involved the greater the chance feelings might develop.
  4. Keep an emotional distance from them: This restates number 2 and 3. Also it means avoiding questions or behaviors that will elicit feelings developing for them. The best thing the contact with the potential third person should be kept to an absolute minimum.
  5. Limit the number of times with the same person: The more you have a threesome with them the more likely feelings will develop.
  6. Develop a network of threesome friends: Having a network of friends that you have threesomes with and share an interest in threesomes with will help to reduce the chance that feelings for an individual will develop.
  7. Look at putting boundaries in place to protect the relationship and limit feelings from developing. You know yourself the best and if there are certain actions / behaviors that might lead to develop feelings then putting in place boundaries to prevent it will help.

As a couple the two of you will have different experiences

Even though the two of you are in the same room and experiencing it together your reactions may be remarkably different. It is possible one of you may enjoy it while the other may be indifferent. Likewise one may enjoy it while the other absolutely hates it. It is important that your threesome planning take this possibility into account.

In my opinion, we are all different and experience things differently. I believe threesomes are about enjoyment and pleasure instead of trying to have the same viewpoint about a threesome. The best way, I believe, to prepare for this is being ready to accept each of us are different and react differently. Also I believe, trust and knowledge about your spouse / partner factors into this. If you can trust your partner and you know your partner then it will go a long way in making a threesome a positive experience.

You are in this together

As adults we make adult decisions that requires us to make a decision where the outcome is not known. This means the decision to have a threesome is a decision that is made together and made with the understanding that each individual participating share the responsibility for its success / failure. Also it means, throughout the threesome process taking a ‘team approach,’ I believe is much better than approaching it as, ‘how can I get my needs met?’ Moreover during the threesome, applying the ‘team approach,’ means focusing on your partner and their needs to ensure they are being met instead of the third person’s needs.  At first the idea of focusing on your partner may sound counter-intuitive but if you apply the ‘team approach’ idea, it means working together ensuring each of you are happy in the threesome. Then, if you continue with having a threesome, focusing more on the third possible becomes more of a possibility.

So, how do you approach a threesome as a team and then transition focusing on the third person? The best way is communicating about your needs and expectations. Then discussing them with the third person and set their expectations. By continuously communicating about having the threesome, your needs, and its impact on you then as a team the two of you can work together in ensuring each individual need is met.

Non-monogamy is stigmatised

Another great article by EroticZeitgeist regarding non-monogamy and the societal prejudices that are held about the growing lifestyle. I believe, this article sheds some light onto issues faced by those who choose a non-monogamous lifestyle and it is an excellent article for someone wanting more information. In my opinion, this is an article well worth reading.


The non-monogamous relationship is becoming still more popular. But we have a lot of prejudice towards people in non-monogamous relationship and very little knowledge. People in monogamous relationships often find it very difficult to understand non-monogamy and even when non-monogamous people are explicitly happy they are still regarded as someone who live a sexually riskier life, they are less accept-able, they are expected to have lower relationship quality, they are expected to be less sexually satisfied, and they are seen as lonelier than people in monogamous relationship. This is all wrong and based on prejudice.

tIt is interesting though that when asked about men in non-monogamous relationships separately then they are regarded as more sexually happy than monogamous men and happier than women in either type of relationships. This indicates that people find that men are happier with multiple sexual partners but they don’t believe that this is the case…

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Fantasy versus Reality of having a threesome: Chapter 6 – You can never go back

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Without time travel the impact of a bad decision cannot be reversed

Recall reaching the time when agreeing having a threesome. I suspect there is some interpretation along with a youthful optimism of everything being okay. That optimism essentially fuels the drive towards having the threesome and protects from worrying about every small detail of what can go wrong. Also, it creates a warm emotional bond with your “significant other” and it creates a feeling of closeness when entering the unknown territory of having a threesome.

Whilst having a youthful optimism about having a threesome creates closeness and protects against worrying, it has a dark-side. As human beings we want to see the good in everyone and everything around us. When we use blinders for seeing good, it is difficult to ask tough questions. Asking tough questions is important as a threesome quickly approaches instead of approaching a threesome as two teenagers experiencing puppy-love for the first time. Asking tough questions such as:

  • Is this the right decision for us
  • Is this the right decision for me
  • Is our choice for the third person the right choice?
  • Is there anything about them that makes me uncomfortable that needs to be discussed?
  • How am I going to cope with seeing my “significant other” (SO) having sex in front of me / How am I going to feel having sex with someone else in front of my SO?
  • Will I be supportive to my SO if it they have a bad experience and help them work through the issue?
  • How will I feel, if I lose my SO over this decision?

Up until the threesome happens there is an opportunity to say either, ‘no,’ or ‘this needs to happen slower.’ Once the clothes comes off, flesh is pressing against flesh, and intercourse occurs there is no way to reverse it. At that point, the only thing that can be done is perceiving the event as not being negative and working through the issues as they occur. Therefore the reality of having a threesome, it is easier to stop a bad decision than fixing it.

Working through the tough times

IMG_8130Is it better to work through the issue or end the relationship?

This time of year makes me reflective and think about the past. When I was younger, my view was very much ‘black & white,’ but through the years my views have become ‘it depends,’ or waiting to see the outcome. Even if I wait to see the outcome, it means I have to be patient and the result may not be clear since it is evolving. Lately, I started asking myself how does apply to relationships and threesomes?

To begin with, good and bad are not absolutes. Instead they are perceptual definitions that are defined by experiences and the context of the situation. A situation we initially perceive as bad may in a matter of weeks or months be seen as good. Likewise, a situation that we feel is bad but give it a bit more time may turn out to be good.

I believe how we perceive a situation influences how we relate to others, how we respond to them, and how we try to manage the ‘stress’ in our lives. For those who have had a bad threesome experience may find in a few months or years that they no longer see it as such. Instead they may view it as either indifferent to it (e.g. something they can tick off their sexual bucket list but will never do again) or maybe it is something they may want to pursue. This means, we should not have a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to a situation whereby we try to minimize the anxiety, ‘stress’ from it but try to work through each situation in order to find a solution.

Also, I believe how we perceive a situation depends on how much responsibility we are willing to accept. In my opinion, we see a situation as bad when we are not willing to accept responsibility for the situation and we try to assign blame to someone else. By doing this it leads to ‘stress’ and conflict which only makes things worse. I believe, by accepting responsibility for our choices then many of the bad situations are perceived as not being as bad.

Therefore, we have a lot of control over how we react, relate to others, and how we view the world. By understanding this, taking responsibility for our actions, and how we chose to perceive things influences our relationship. My advice, is to look for solutions and work through the issue instead of finding the quickest way to lower the anxiety that a situation creates. If we are able to do this then, I believe, we will take more pleasure from the things around us and be more open to the opportunities.

Threesome variations by country

Threesome trends


Location of the United Arab Emirates


I am on who finds metrics, statistics of measurement, fascinating. One of the more fascinating trends I notice the vast majority of my readers come from the US with the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India making up the top five. The next five includes Italy, Netherlands / Holland, Germany, and South Africa. Last interesting group my top 20 countries for readers includes United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Currently I live in the UK and in the past I have lived in the US. Based on my experience, I can understand the US interest. However I am baffled by the UK and India. Granted swingers clubs exist in the UK but I find threesome / swinging is not as popular. Instead I find long-term marriage or committed relationships are not as emphasized in the UK. In addition, I notice, there is a bit more interest in BDSM, dogging, and infidelity tends to be more prevalent. This leads me to question if many of my UK readers are US expats living in the UK. Since US expats, I believe, is the fifth largest immigrant group in the UK.


This brings me to readers in India and this totally “blows my mind.” I know many Indians in the UK and from a cultural perspective, none of them strike me as being remotely interested in the idea of pursuing a threesome.  At least for me, I have to question if in India the idea of threesome is equated with infidelity or if it is popular in an area of India?


The question I want to ask, does anyone:


  1. Why do you feel there are many readers from the US?
  2. Does anyone have an insight or experience with the threesome / group sex scene in the UK that might be able to shed some light on this? Is it primarily US expats or is there a genuine British interest in threesomes?
  3. Does anyone have any insight into India and why there is an interest in threesomes?
  4. Why is the topic of threesomes interest Saudis and U.A.E. U.A.E., at least my impression they are a bit more open to Western influence and do not try to restrict it as much as the Saudis. This could explain some of it but I am interested in reading what others think.






What makes a couple successful

Bee seeks flower for intimate relationship


What is necessary for a successful relationship and successful threesome?


One of the core ingredients, I believe, is necessary for a successful threesome is a solid relationship and this is a common thread throughout this site. Defining a solid relationship is not as easy since a lot depends on religious background, cultural, political background, and socio-economic status. This makes providing a unifying definition difficult and makes the definition dependent on couple that is asking.


Recently a Psychology Today article made an attempt in defining the term and I believe, it positively contributes to my ongoing discussion of what makes a relationship stable enough for a threesome. With that said, there are a three minor points that I do not agree.


Same Bedtime


The first one is going to bed at the same time. Whilst I understand the point being made, I feel it neglects other issues such as health problems or work schedule that may impact bedtimes. In my opinion, this is a minor ingredient for a successful relationship and not a major ingredient.


Common Interests


Second is sharing common interests. Without developing common interests a relationship, I believe, is destined to fail. However the article neglects to mention how much of a common interest a couple should share, what definition of common interest the author is using, and to what emotional level that interest should be shared. Without more discussion from the author I believe this interest is pointless.


10 points too superficial


Finally I believe, the 10 points raised are very closely related and do not dwell deep enough for the article to be meaningful. Nonetheless point four regarding forgiveness and point five focusing on what your partner does right, highlight the author is heading on the right direction for this article. I believe if the author was focusing on deeper points about relationships then this article would be much more meaningful.




I believe this article is a good guide on some of the more superficial aspects that a relationship needs to be successful and it provides limited insight into what a couple should be doing if they are considering a threesome.