Watching my wife having sex with another man

sexy wifeThreesome First-Hand Experience


Probably one of the more difficult parts of planning a threesome is preparing yourself for watching your wife / girlfriend having sex with someone else. At first, the idea maybe arousing. Thinking about someone else having sex with her, watching her being pleasured, and knowing you were a part of helping her please her. The imagery and arousal can make thinking about even the most mundane things very difficult.

Then as time passes, the idea of someone else having sex with her may seem scary. In your mind you ask, how can extramarital sex be acceptable? At the time, contemplating the question quickly ends as arousal once again happens. The cornucopia of emotions continues until the threesome approaches and at this point, the thought of going slower becomes a thought since she was hesitant about the idea. That idea is quickly extinguished since she is openly expressing her interest in the idea and how she is wanting the threesome. By now the threesome is near, stopping it now will let down everyone, and after a bit of contemplation stopping it is not what is needed. After more thought accepting threesome and accepting that their relationship will forever change regardless of the outcome.

The above is a generalization of the feelings I went through as my first threesome with my wife approached. In this article I will cover two separate threesome experiences and if anyone would like to share their experience, please feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this article.

Couple’s Cuckolding

This experience actually happened first and it was our first threesome experience together. It did not instantly happen and it took months of nurturing before it came to fruition. It occurred while we were living in an apartment complex near downtown, in a rural urban mid-west town. In a state where farm animals out number humans by about 100:1. The apartment complex consisted of three two-story buildings standing side-by-side, with a small courtyard, that were primarily studio and 1 bedroom apartments. Most of the people who lived there worked at nearby by businesses and due to the apartments being small, many of the tenants were single males.

Since there was a small courtyard, during summer my wife, Samantha (not her real name), would lay outside in her bikini and men naturally flirted with her. Afterwards she would come inside, she would tell about her flirting. She would tell how she liked the attention and how it made her horny. Her flirting provided some substance for us and it opened up the opportunity to discuss having some type of threesome. Because the complex was primarily single male there was a high-turnover of tenants and many did not stay long. This made planning some for some form of threesome difficult but it did offer the opportunity where we knew they would not be there long. Thereby preventing things from becoming ‘messy’ and complicated.

As time went on, there was one guy who regularly flirted with her and she admitted it was arousing. The flirting became more suggestive and she began telling me that he wants to fuck her. At first she would not consider the idea but as it continued it left us with a decision, does it lead to something or does it stay innocent? We decided to allow the flirting to go further and to see where it goes. A few weeks later she mentions fucking him is something she wants to do and agree to let it happen. Over the next few days we plan it out and she makes the arrangements

When she leaves, she asks me to close the curtains in our apartment since our apartment faced his. During this time I felt quite aroused and very anxious while going through a roller-coaster of emotions. I worried if she was safe and if she was enjoying herself.

About two hours later she came back we talked a few minutes before she took me by the hand to our bedroom. The lights were off and she undressed. Laying next to her she began telling me about the experience. He was not large and uncut. According to her, he caressed her and ‘ate her out’ while fingering her. As she was telling me about her evening she slowly glided my hand between her legs. I could feel it was stretched and sticky then she told me  how he fucked her and how she enjoyed it. That night we had a great sex.

MFM (Straight 3 some)

We both entered our relationship with both of us having previous threesome experience and we understood what we were going to face. She was the one who initially brought up the idea by telling me that she wanted to invite a former boyfriend. Normally this is something that is a red flag for me. In this instance she stated they never had sex and always wondered what it would be like. Plus it had been a few years since they saw each other and from here body language it was obvious she was being sincere.

The time from us talking about it to it actually happening was very fast, at best a few days. It did not give me a lot of time to dwell on everything that could go wrong and it did not give us a lot of time to set up boundaries.

He came over a few nights later. We spent the time talking and having a good time. Then my wife started undressing in front of us and we all knew what was going to happen next. We all went to our bedroom and they interacted while I caressed her.

Thinking back to experience, I do tend to believe I felt a little fearful of what it meant for our relationship but I knew everything would be alright. Soon he slid he long hard cock into her and they went at it for a few minutes. It was an arousing sight for me. Right in front of me, my wife was having sex with another man and it was arousing. I did not get upset and I did not feel any jealousy. He then came and we stayed in the bedroom for a while after that. Then we all got dressed, had some coffee in the kitchen, and he left.

As I look back to this experience, it demonstrates given enough time we remember the good and it demonstrates that not every threesome experience leads to a relationship ending. In my opinion, this experience was about trust and about moving our relationship towards a more mature relationship.

Final Thoughts

Both of these experiences worked out well for us due to communication, trust and the ability to agree on boundaries that worked for us. I believe the couple’s cuckolding experience was a way for us to push our boundaries and to explore if this was an activity that we wanted to include. After that experience we had our next experience, the threesome. This time we knew what to expect and we were able to make this experience work for us.

Furthermore I believe we are the 95% + of couples who dive into the world of threesomes and do not make it a lifestyle. Instead I believe, these experiences happened at a time in our relationship that helped guide us about communication and understand how special we are to each other.

I am not, in any way, advocating that anyone who reads this will have the same success. Instead, I am trying to highlight the timing, the emotions, and the result from having this type of experience. It is important to understanding communication, trust, and level of comfort all play a role in having a threesome.

20 thoughts on “Watching my wife having sex with another man

  1. Glad it worked out for you. It’s got to be tough the first time as like you say you have all these thoughts running through your mind. I always recommend that you party together if at all possible and try to be involved in the scene. If you are in the middle of the action, you don’t have time alone to fret about your other half getting laid.

    It’s like the first time you swing, if both are getting lucky at the same time, it’s hard to be jealous when your getting your ashes hauled also. After you’ve been in the scene for awhile, everyone is more comfortable and it doesn’t bother you to have your spouse off partying while your sitting around talking to other people.

    • We both had previous threesome experience prior to us meeting. So it was not as though it was two newbies taking the plunge; however, these were one of our first threesome experiences together.

      As for us, we are not the party scene type of people. While I accept a swingers club is not a party, nonetheless we have talked about go to a swingers club. We have one that is about 1 – 2 miles from us and we have few that are an hour away. The one issue that keeps us from going is her role is a very public facing job and being seen could have career ending consequences for her.

      • The club we belonged to back in the mid-west had a number of high profile people in it and I know it is sensitive. We always refer to people by first names only and never inquire as to where they work or what their last name is. Our close friends know all about us but we keep others at arms length until we know that they are not a flake. While probably not as bad as getting caught in the bathroom together, it is still something you’d like to avoid.

        Probably about the only thing you can do is go to a convention or cruise in some other state or country.

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  4. The first time is always a roller coaster, it’s impossible to anticipate the level of emotions you are going to feel at any time. But you are right, 100% communication and trust is key. Without those, the whole event is just going to trigger those underlying issues and bring them to the surface.

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  9. I am from India where it is a taboo and better called sexual hypocrisy. Nevertheless i want to share my experience as both of us are in it now.
    Myself a doctor and she is a housewife. I am 35 and She is 32 years old, married for 15 years and have two children -one daughter14 and one son 12.
    We were bored with our sexual life due to monotony. I started visiting some hotels in city with one of medical repersentative who arranged our sexual encounters. He has never visited our house but for clinic and hospital. Both of us enjoyed having sex with girls at hotels in daytime to avoid any suspicion . A couple of years we enjoyed these encounters in privacy. Two years later he called me to the hotel telling that the girl has alraedy arrived. I told him that I am busy with patients and can join only after an hour or two but surely I will join him . After finishing my work at 2’O’clock in afternoon went to the hoteland went straight to the room he has mentioned. I called him on mobile and press the bell. He opened the door and smiled. He was not wearing anything and has a grink in his hand. He let me inside. I asked how is she? He told marvellous and have two rounds with her. Something left for me? I enquired. He laughed and told she is wonderful, experience urself. We moved inside as he closed the door. Oh my god she was my wife! Totally nude sitting on sofa. She was also taken aback like me . It was shocking for both of us she was in tears and covered her naked body with towel and face with hands. It took sometime to face the reality and come out of our predicament. Later I learned she was visiting this particular hotel in daytime to satisfy herself and also learned that she enjoyed sex with me the following night very positively and forcefully. Now, I learnt why she behaved wild some night so vigorously. The shock over, the facts lay bare in front of us, we compromised for the afternoon and for the first time we enjoyed threesome . Now we dont visit hotels. We once in 2-3 months invite the medical repersentative or some other close friend and have great time to break the monotony of ritual sex and rejuvinate ourselves for enjoyable sex. But the thumb rule is that we ‘ll not betray our trust after our earlier betrayal so that we may have a fine conjugal life. Any comment? I am waiting.

    • Thank you for your reply and thank you for sharing your story with us. I know it is not easy to share this type of experience and I am glad to read it is a positive experience. Also, I am glad to read the two of you have grown from this experience and do not want to destroy your trust.

      Nonetheless I am surprised that your wife was having sex with others and not saying anything from you. However, I can understand being in India the ramifications for her if anyone found her out. Likewise, from your reply, it reads as though you were also having sex outside of the relationship with another man?

      The one question that I have, what is it like when the two of you invite someone to join you for sex to watch her being pleasured by another man and to know another man can physically please her?

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