Guest Blogger Opportunity

Are you a new blogger or looking for a chance to promote your blog? Then this might be an opportunity for you.

Currently I am looking for a guest blogger to write about cuckolding and write about having a threesomes. I am open to suggestions but my vision for the cuckolding article is something that does not go into ‘penis humiliation’ and does not go into withholding sex. Instead I am looking for something more personal such as how at the decision what the first time was like, and the impact on your relationship afterwards. Likewise if you are a ‘bull’ that is wanting to write a post then my vision for your post could be about your most enjoyable experience, worst experience, or insights on couples.

For the threesome piece ideally I would like someone who, is making their journey with their spouse or is a single male willing to write about their journey from making the decision to have a threesome to their first threesome experience.

The reason is to increase the depth of information on this site, to help promote new bloggers, and to provide a variety of opinions.

If you have questions or wish to submit a post then please feel free to contact me by using the bellow form.

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