10 Word Press articles you may have missed during the week of 3 June 2014



This week is unique. So far my weekly list has included a mixture of authors who publish regularly, multiple articles from the same author, and articles from newly discovered authors. Also each week had a dominating theme such as polyamory or cuckolding.  This week we see Polysingleish return and Boy.Lu5t; however the remaining eight are new authors.  As for themes I do not believe there is a strong prevalent theme this week and if I were to choose a theme for the week it would be communication.


Lessons of Loneliness an extremely well-written article from a personal perspective. In this article the author faces a five week break from the poly lifestyle while visiting family. She discovers that loneliness can be a powerful teacher  and discovers that loneliness is perceptual that is defined by something we miss in our life.

*Tap Tap* Is This Thing On? After about a month break Filled and Fooled announces her return. We look forward to reading more from you and welcome back.

Couples Preferences – Dinner Conversation and Sex a relatively unique article that examine a personal experience of discussing the idea of having a threesome at a dinner party.

1) Lessons of Loneliness by Polysingleish

2) *tap tap* is this thing on? by Filled and Fooled

3) Keeping Marriage Alive with Affairs, Asexuality, Polyamory and Living Apart as posted by Boy.Lu5t

4) Nope, Definitely Not a Lesbian by Pull It Together Karen

5) Couples Preferences – Dinner Conversation and Sex by Chef EdieM

6) Threesome by bedroomtobedroom

7) Sex Confession The Threesome John, Becky, Rocco by Altanticcitystripperssextalk

8) Refuse My Threesome Invitation and I Will Stab You in the Eye by The Dirty Turban

9) Rough Gets Rougher by Nighttime Adventure

10) More on Cheating by Free Love Academic


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10 Word Press articles you may have missed during the week of 19 May 2014


Another week is upon us and time for another list of 10 articles or stories you might have missed. This week there is a lot of variety including stories and information on polyamory.


Polyamory Without Rules = Chaos is a well written and insightful article regarding the need for couples who have polyamorous relationships to establish boundaries. Even though the article focuses on polyamorous relationships the article is applicable to any couple desiring a threesome, cuckold, open relationship or foursome.

Power Play and Passion: Consent in the Kink Community is a very well written thought provoking that transcends the topic of sex and touches who we are as people? At the core of the article it asks the question, how much do we have to emotionally detach from people to have sex? Do we have to detach so much that we dehumanize the experience and see those with whom we have sex with as objects instead of humans?

On Cloud 9 and Script for a Threesome are two good stories worth reading.

1) Quad Weekend by Krystalla

2) Polyamaory Without Rules = Chaos? by Loving Without Boundaries

3) Safe Sex and Open Relationships: You Can Have your Cake and eat it too by Dancetinyfox

4) Power Play and Passion: Consent in the Kink Community by Polysingleish

5) Chapter 2 Michelle’s Journey of Becoming a Hot Wife by Threesomes and Variations

6) A Fantasy Shared by Cummins Girl

7) Script for a Threesome Will I be So Lucky? by Libido Bootcamp

8) Who is Better by Kinky Tiger

9) Poly Is Poly Isn’t by Diary of a Sadist

10) On Cloud 9 by Sublifedelight

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Chapter 2 Michelle’s journey of becoming a hot wife

IMG_8709 updatedChapter 2

After four hours on the road and sex we are exhausted. We did not want the chaos, noise and screaming children that comes with a buffet. In some ways a buffet restaurant is like a war zone navigating children running in the restaurant, screaming children sounding like incoming bombs, and customers that will take your life in order to get the last homemade bun on the island. Instead we chose a nice quaint and quiet restaurant in the hotel that afforded us a level of privacy.

Quietly while looking into Michelle’s eyes, “I am beginning to have doubts about your plan… I mean it made me really horny but I do not know if I can go through with it.” In the dimly lit room I can see her smile fade and her jaw drop.

Taking a drink from her water glass she holds it in her hand while trying to keep her voice low but sounding upset, “I am not doing this for you! I am doing it for me!” slamming the glass on the table. Yelling very quietly, “Do you think it is enjoyable to have the same cock in for all these years? Do you think maybe… just maybe I want more?”

Looking around it does not appear anyone heard her. Feeling as though my life is imploding I look at her seeing her angry and hurt face. In an attempt to bring enjoyment back to our vacation, “Look I am not saying I am against it. All I am saying I am having my doubts. It is not a slam against you. Like anyone who is facing the spouse having sex with someone else, there always will be doubts.”

“I have not had a lot experience with other men and sometimes I question if I should have a few more experiences before marrying. Now, we are in Vegas and I want to let my hair down. It is nothing personal against you. It is something that I am going to do and I ask you support me.”

Not much else was said during supper and as we are finishing our dessert Michelle looks at me, “I am going for a walk alone after supper. Keep your phone on.”

She left. I sat there ordering a glass of red wine and as I sipped on the wine I feel my phone vibrating. Taking the phone out of my pocket I see I have a text from here, “Guess what I am doing?”

My heart races, experiencing sheer joy to anger before questioning how to respond. I know, deep-down, what she is doing but the question is how do I approach it. If I come across uninterested it will upset her and if I am playful then I will get hundreds of text messages from her. It is all a part of her game.

So I decide to respond, “I am sitting in the restaurant having a glass of wine. What are you doing?”

“Do not wait up for me, I am sitting here with Robert and a few of his friends.”

“Have fun” I text back to her.

After another glass of wine I head back to the room. I am in the room for about an hour and have not heard anything from Michelle. Then I hear my phone receiving texts from Michelle. Looking at the phone I see are a few texts with photos in them. The first says, “I hope you enjoy” followed by several photos of her with guys in various states of being undressed. One shows her topless kneeling in front of a guy pulling off his pants. Another one show her laying naked on a table with three naked guys standing around her. Final photo shows a guy fucking her while she is sucking another guy and her stroking an erect cock of a third. After receiving the last photo text the message said “see you soon.”

When I first saw them I felt emotionally number, not knowing how to respond. Then my heart began racing, my penis became quite erect, and I could barely contain myself. A few moments ago I felt tired but now I am quite awake. It was about another 15 minutes before Michelle walk through the door looking disheveled.

“Do you want to know what happened?”

“Yes, I am quite horny and want to hear about your night.”

Walking to the bathroom she being undressing and fills the bath. “After leaving the restaurant I went to the casino playing the slots. Robert sits next to me talking me up. I enjoy it and talk some more. Then he mentions a few of his friends are having a party in his room and if I would like to join them. ”

Pausing to test the water of bath she adjusts it a bit to make it warmer. At that point I can smell sex on her. It is a very musky smell combining with a smell of rotting cheese. “We are in the room and they give me a glass of wine. We are all talking and laughing. Then one of them asks me if I would give him a blow job. I am not sure. However we are all having a good time and I figure why not. So I take my top off, kneel in front of him, pulling down his pants. It is a big cock, about 9″ and I start sucking him.

The other guys start undressing and they undress me too. Soon we are all naked. At that point seeing all of the naked men around me and getting horny at the site of me, I feel as though I want to fuck them all. So I crawl on to the table letting him one have their turn with me. It was incredible.”

Hearing her describe the scene to me even made me more horny. “Are you mad?” asking with a sullen tone in her voice and sadness across her face.

“No, I want to fuck you when you are done with your bath.”


Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Michelle’s journey of becoming a hot wife

londonStart of our vacation

Michelle’s summer 2009 vacation with me brings many fond memories. We were ‘on the top of the world’ with Michelle’s promotion and my successful business. As a way to celebrate our new success we decided to drive four hours to Las Vegas for a week-long getaway and at the time I did not know what would transpire.

We left on 15 July and that day is permanently etched in my mind. It was a hot sunny day without a cloud in the sky. The type of day when being out side in the sun for more 10 minutes mean you are dripping with sweat and the anything that can cool you down is a very cold beer. Because it was so hot outside we decided to take our BMW with it rag-top roof so we can drive with it down.

About an hour after leaving Michelle turns to me with her long black her blowing in the, and her sunglasses covering her blue eyes and her oval face with perfectly flawless skin. As we travel 70 mph down the interstate, she grabs my arm in order to grab my attention. Looking down and away from me she sounds nervous when she says, “I have something to ask and I am not sure what you are going to say.”

At that moment my heart begins racing and stricken with fear, “What can she be wanting?” I know we have been busy and for the last two years our careers took precedent over our relationship. Not sure I knew what she was going to say, I acted as though I was focusing on the road even though there was not another car for at least a mile.

Then there was a bit of playfulness in her voice as her fingers walked up my arm and she lightly grabbed my forearm as she pulled herself into me. Her touch was very welcoming it made me feel close to her and for the first time I in about two years work was the further things from my mind. “I have been thinking maybe this week I could be naughty for you.”

I became hard, my breathing increased, and my mind started rushing with many possibilities. It became difficult to concentrate and luckily we were the only car on the road or there might have been an accident. “What do you mean?” Sounding surprised and nervous.

“Well,” pausing for a moment, “I have not been completely honest with you.”

“How, so?”

“I know how you fantasize about me fucking another man for you in a threesome and I have resisted the idea. Well, lately I have been thinking how great it would feel to have another cock in mean and feel him exploding deep inside me.”

If it was not so hot and if I was not driving, I probably would have had an instant orgasm that would made me cum inside of my pants. For the next three hours that is all I could think about happening on our vacation.



It was mid-afternoon during the hottest part of the day when we arrived at our mid-strip hotel. We entered our hotel and Michelle immediately wanted to shower. After her proclamation in the car I knew I wanted to fuck her right now. “You can shower once I am done with you.”

Throwing her to the bed, I unbutton her white silky blouse and quickly unhooking her bra, exposing her 36 B breasts. The right breast is slightly smaller but when she is aroused her nipples get very erect. As I begin undressing her I notice how smooth her skin feels. It feels delicate and smooth as a rose petal. Too rough it would destroy it. Moving down her abdomen towards her thighs, kissing every inch, I begin sliding her pants off exposing her hairy mound.

Each time I touch it she quivers and gasps for air. I do not move immediately for her pussy. Instead I tease her a bit by kissing and caressing her inner thigh. Watching her tremble each time I touch her.

Once I have thoroughly aroused her, I begin stroking the side of her clit and I see it is quite enlarged. Then I use the tip of my tongue to stroke her clit as I begin to finger her wet moist pussy. The tightness and warmth of it is quite inviting. As I pull my two fingers out her moisture drips from my finger.

By this point I am quite hard and cannot wait no longer. Slowly entering her I can feel her vagina envelope my hard penis. At first I move slow, wanting to savor the image of another guy inside of her and her pussy grasping his shaft as he goes deep in her. Then I envision him uncontrollably thrusting his cock deep in her and her screaming in pleasure. Soon the picture is too much and I explode in her, filling her up with cum.

Other Chapters in this series

Chapter 2

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Cuckolding and the power of sloppy seconds

IMG_8628 updated

Sloppy Seconds a curse or a great benefit?


Earlier today I was reading an excellent blog about ‘sloppy seconds’. It started me thinking about my own experience with the topic and how I define it. To begin with, the author in the article uses the term, ‘sloppy seconds, liberally. ‘Sloppy seconds,’ as I understand the author’s definition refers to a  man who is second to have sex with a woman after another man finishes having with her and then  uses a sex toy before having sex with her.

Whereas my experience with ‘sloppy seconds, is where a woman after she has, in most cases, gone bareback with another man then goes on to have more sex with a different man. As a result of already having sex she is ‘stretched’ and has cum leaking out of her. Since she is having sex with another man she has not bathed in between lovers and the second gets to experience her much more fully. Regardless of how the term is defined, it can carry very a negative connotation with it but if you become confident enough in yourself, it can be a very powerful experience.

If I wanted to write a thesis on the topic by using the definition by the author and discuss the numerous times using a large vibrator and how it felt to fuck her her wide pussy from it. In my opinion, this would make reading about those experiences quite boring. Instead I will reflect on the few times where we have invited another man to join us or to allow her to have sex on her own.

Experiencing ‘Sloppy Seconds’

For Me

It is difficult to put into words the sheer excitement sharing you spouse can bring along with the devastating crippling fear too. Nonetheless when it is my turn to enjoy her after being enjoyed by another man it was an experience that stimulated all of the senses. Nothing can compare to the musk smell, after sex. It is a powerful smell that is not easily masked. Someone on the street might find it repulsive. However when she is laying there naked with her legs spread and tells you how she was fucked by him, the smell is more intoxicating than alcohol. The smell fills the room like incense. Unlike incense it lingers for a few days.

Visually when I look at her labia they are redden and swollen from already having sex. Her vagina is visually wider with whisker burns of where he was on her. Depending on how long she had sex sometimes I am able to see cum leaking out of her.

Then when I finger her there is a sticky feeling and sometimes back-flow still leaks out. Having sex is quite different. Entering is a lot smoother due to her being wet from cum and she is not necessarily wider. Instead I would say she is stretched, which is a totally different feeling. While I play in my mind the events that just occurred, experiencing every type of possible emotion. From worrying about what just occurred to sheer excitement over just occurred. It is a flurry of emotions that took days, afterwards, for it to settle. From my experience she is still horny from the experience and does not want to spend a lot of time in foreplay.

For Her

Having sex with someone else is a mix for her. She gets enjoys having someone else fuck her and then come home to have sex with me telling me about the experience. It provides her such a large release and I believe it gives her some power. The downside to it for her, the experience is quite powerful and she does not want to get hurt.


In my opinion it is easy to understand the negative connotation of the word. ‘Sloppy seconds’ puts the second male in the position of having to compare himself to another male who just enjoyed the woman in front of him. For a man who lacks confidence, it can be quite a daunting intimidating. For the man that has enough confidence in themselves and their relationship, it can be a drug more powerful than any known drug available. The power of ‘sloppy seconds’ can be something that obliterates the confidence of a man who lacks self-esteem thereby destroying his relationship or it can be a glue that cements a relationship. Only time can tell which one it will be and planning such an experience needs to be done cautiously.

Watching my wife having sex with another man

sexy wifeThreesome First-Hand Experience


Probably one of the more difficult parts of planning a threesome is preparing yourself for watching your wife / girlfriend having sex with someone else. At first, the idea maybe arousing. Thinking about someone else having sex with her, watching her being pleasured, and knowing you were a part of helping her please her. The imagery and arousal can make thinking about even the most mundane things very difficult.

Then as time passes, the idea of someone else having sex with her may seem scary. In your mind you ask, how can extramarital sex be acceptable? At the time, contemplating the question quickly ends as arousal once again happens. The cornucopia of emotions continues until the threesome approaches and at this point, the thought of going slower becomes a thought since she was hesitant about the idea. That idea is quickly extinguished since she is openly expressing her interest in the idea and how she is wanting the threesome. By now the threesome is near, stopping it now will let down everyone, and after a bit of contemplation stopping it is not what is needed. After more thought accepting threesome and accepting that their relationship will forever change regardless of the outcome.

The above is a generalization of the feelings I went through as my first threesome with my wife approached. In this article I will cover two separate threesome experiences and if anyone would like to share their experience, please feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this article.

Couple’s Cuckolding

This experience actually happened first and it was our first threesome experience together. It did not instantly happen and it took months of nurturing before it came to fruition. It occurred while we were living in an apartment complex near downtown, in a rural urban mid-west town. In a state where farm animals out number humans by about 100:1. The apartment complex consisted of three two-story buildings standing side-by-side, with a small courtyard, that were primarily studio and 1 bedroom apartments. Most of the people who lived there worked at nearby by businesses and due to the apartments being small, many of the tenants were single males.

Since there was a small courtyard, during summer my wife, Samantha (not her real name), would lay outside in her bikini and men naturally flirted with her. Afterwards she would come inside, she would tell about her flirting. She would tell how she liked the attention and how it made her horny. Her flirting provided some substance for us and it opened up the opportunity to discuss having some type of threesome. Because the complex was primarily single male there was a high-turnover of tenants and many did not stay long. This made planning some for some form of threesome difficult but it did offer the opportunity where we knew they would not be there long. Thereby preventing things from becoming ‘messy’ and complicated.

As time went on, there was one guy who regularly flirted with her and she admitted it was arousing. The flirting became more suggestive and she began telling me that he wants to fuck her. At first she would not consider the idea but as it continued it left us with a decision, does it lead to something or does it stay innocent? We decided to allow the flirting to go further and to see where it goes. A few weeks later she mentions fucking him is something she wants to do and agree to let it happen. Over the next few days we plan it out and she makes the arrangements

When she leaves, she asks me to close the curtains in our apartment since our apartment faced his. During this time I felt quite aroused and very anxious while going through a roller-coaster of emotions. I worried if she was safe and if she was enjoying herself.

About two hours later she came back we talked a few minutes before she took me by the hand to our bedroom. The lights were off and she undressed. Laying next to her she began telling me about the experience. He was not large and uncut. According to her, he caressed her and ‘ate her out’ while fingering her. As she was telling me about her evening she slowly glided my hand between her legs. I could feel it was stretched and sticky then she told me  how he fucked her and how she enjoyed it. That night we had a great sex.

MFM (Straight 3 some)

We both entered our relationship with both of us having previous threesome experience and we understood what we were going to face. She was the one who initially brought up the idea by telling me that she wanted to invite a former boyfriend. Normally this is something that is a red flag for me. In this instance she stated they never had sex and always wondered what it would be like. Plus it had been a few years since they saw each other and from here body language it was obvious she was being sincere.

The time from us talking about it to it actually happening was very fast, at best a few days. It did not give me a lot of time to dwell on everything that could go wrong and it did not give us a lot of time to set up boundaries.

He came over a few nights later. We spent the time talking and having a good time. Then my wife started undressing in front of us and we all knew what was going to happen next. We all went to our bedroom and they interacted while I caressed her.

Thinking back to experience, I do tend to believe I felt a little fearful of what it meant for our relationship but I knew everything would be alright. Soon he slid he long hard cock into her and they went at it for a few minutes. It was an arousing sight for me. Right in front of me, my wife was having sex with another man and it was arousing. I did not get upset and I did not feel any jealousy. He then came and we stayed in the bedroom for a while after that. Then we all got dressed, had some coffee in the kitchen, and he left.

As I look back to this experience, it demonstrates given enough time we remember the good and it demonstrates that not every threesome experience leads to a relationship ending. In my opinion, this experience was about trust and about moving our relationship towards a more mature relationship.

Final Thoughts

Both of these experiences worked out well for us due to communication, trust and the ability to agree on boundaries that worked for us. I believe the couple’s cuckolding experience was a way for us to push our boundaries and to explore if this was an activity that we wanted to include. After that experience we had our next experience, the threesome. This time we knew what to expect and we were able to make this experience work for us.

Furthermore I believe we are the 95% + of couples who dive into the world of threesomes and do not make it a lifestyle. Instead I believe, these experiences happened at a time in our relationship that helped guide us about communication and understand how special we are to each other.

I am not, in any way, advocating that anyone who reads this will have the same success. Instead, I am trying to highlight the timing, the emotions, and the result from having this type of experience. It is important to understanding communication, trust, and level of comfort all play a role in having a threesome.

Submitting to my neighbor: A story of a hot wife

Hot Wife Hot Bikini South Beach at Night

Standing on the deck, as the ferry enters Rotterdam port, I can see the darkness fighting to stay as the sun takes command forcing the darkness to break its grip on the night and dissipates the remaining fog. This time of day reminds me a lot of where I stand in my relationship with my wife and I am feeling as though it is entering a new chapter.  This feeling is born from the events that transpired last light. In order to understand what I am saying, I need to begin from the beginning when things began changing in June.

June 2011 is the point where I noticed things changing between my wife, Michelle, and myself, John,   Michelle has two sides, a very passive side that is very conservative and another side that can be quite sexually adventurous. If I were to say, up until last night her passive side is the side is more dominant side.  This side displays itself by her refusal to initiate sex and her relying on me to please her during sex. Since she relies on me to be the dominate one this has caused some issues for us. However, it would be unfair for me to leave a one sided image of my wife. There are times when she struggles with her passive side and her more adventurous side takes control. The more adventurous side was prevalent when we first were married by having a threesomes and experimenting with an open relationship. Even after her conservative side took control, a few years after being married, there are moments where her adventurous side shows. Typically this side show when we are out, she will begin flirting with guys or we will discuss her fucking another guy with us taking steps towards fucking another guy before she change her mind.  Another of the adventurous side taking over is last night and I will get to last night, shortly.  If you were to ask me why Michelle has a conflict between these two sides, my feeling, it has to do more with our familiarity with each other, building a life together and things becoming routine.

Likewise, if  you were to ask me, if I am similar to my wife in regarding sex, I would say  in most ways no. I would describe myself as someone who is more sexually adventurous and more willing push the boundaries. In our relationship, I am the one who suggests new things, and I am the one willing to try new things in order to keep our relationship exciting. Conversely, in some ways I am like my wife.  Since it can be argued, I am resistant to change. Being resistant to change, I feel, is a form of passiveness whereby you fight the change by refusing to change. Reason why I say this, I am trying to get my wife to try again the idea of fucking another guy and this is something she did early in our relationship. The desire, of fucking another guy, can be said is a way to hold onto the past and thereby resisting any change.  By holding onto this fantasy, I am able to hold onto the past and passively fight changing. In some ways I feel Michelle’s two sides is her struggle against changing.  It may seem as though, struggling to hold on to the past is a sign of problems in the relationship. However, it is my feeling, our relationship is not in trouble. Instead I feel we are trying to recapture a free time in our lives, to share that experience once again and to fight the feeling that both of us have already lived more than half of our lives.

Getting back to where things started changing in June 2011, if I remember correctly it was around 15 June. The day was a typical summer day; sunny,  hot and Michelle was lying outside in the front yard wearing her provocatively cut black spaghetti string bikini that barely covers her perfectly sized 36C size breasts. When she lays on her, back wearing her black bikini, the outline of her nipple can be seen through her bikini top and when the sun shines on her just right in that top, she looks like a model in mans magazine. Granted Michelle is not in her 20s; however her face shows no signs of ageing, her brunette hair look natural, and her petite build still looks as though it belongs to someone in their early twenties.

On that day, John a 40 something single black man with a receding hairline, who is average in height, and expanding waistline moved across the street from us. I cannot think of a feature that I stands out that would make him attractive to a woman and in many ways I would say he was unattractive to a woman. Nonetheless, there was something about him that seems to attract Michelle.

I was outside, standing between our house and our neighbour’s property, doing some yard work and to watch Michelle’s reaction to our new neighbor. My position prevented Michelle from seeing me but I was able to see John bringing in his boxes. Nonetheless I was standing far enough from him where I was not noticeable unless he was specifically looking for me.  The layout of the street helped me by providing the necessary cover and the opportunity to observe. Our street is barely wide enough for two way traffic, making parking difficult but easy enough to know what is going on with your neighbors.  It was obvious from the rental truck parked outside that John was doing the move himself into his two bedroom split foyer house.  From the lack of furniture, the fact that his t-shirt riding half-way up his fat belly, and the limited kitchen supplies, John appeared to be recently divorced who is making a new start for himself.

As he was bringing his stuff in he caught a glimpse of Michelle lying outside, “Hi neighbour, maybe you would like to come over for a drink later after I finish bringing in my junk.”

“No thanks, I am married.”

“Being married does not mean you cannot come over for a drink and have some fun. If you want you can bring your husband.”

“I know, my husband is most likely inside taking a nap. Maybe some other time,” Michelle said in a very fast and high pitched voice.

With that statement I knew she would be coming in soon. Those words, “Maybe some other time,” tell me she is using those words to avoid talking to him further thereby ending the conversation with him. Essentially, she uses that phrase and tone on guys that try to flirt with her in order to let them know she is not interested. It is something she finds works for her and she used that line while we were experimenting with our open relationship. Personally, I feel, it is her way of avoiding the situation by not having to say, “Sorry, not interested,” or “Can we talk about something else.”   Whatever the reason,  I know I need to hide the fact I heard the conversation and be nonchalant as possible. If she knew I heard it she will become embarrassed and will she will become argumentative in order not to discuss it. This meant,  I need to  quickly finish my yard work in order to keep Michelle from knowing I heard the conversation and  I was spying on her.  When she came in I causally said, “Hi, it looks as though we have new neighbours?”.

“Yes, he is about our age, black, and I have not seen a wife, yet. So, I am assuming he is single.”

Hearing her trying to restrain her enthusiasm when she said he was black I tried to push the idea, “Black, great. Maybe, you should go over and be friendly. I know how much you have wanted a black guy.”

“Yeah! In the bedroom I may have said that but that is a fantasy. In reality I am married and I am a good girl. I am not a slut.  I do not do that!” Angrily she said, “You need to get that idea out of your head this minute!”

“Okay, geeze, forgive me!  I was just saying…”

“I know you would love to have me fuck another guy for you but it is never going to happen. We had our fun several years ago when we could fuck others but that it is in the past. I hope you get that idea quickly out of your head and I hope it is the last time I hear it,” she said in a forceful and demanding way.

At that point I knew encouraging her to consider the idea was not going to work and I had to think of another plan.  I knew if I pushed the idea she would retaliate by resisting any advances on her to have sex and it would be weeks before we had sex again. Also if I push the idea, I know she will get angry for no reason and begin fights me for no other reason than to have a fight. This would create a lot of unnecessary problems in the relationship that could be avoided. For me, my approach has to be carefully thought out and she needs time to forget about this conversation, otherwise she will become even more entrenched in her position.

About two weeks after that conversation Michelle unexpectedly said, “I am going over to John’s for a moment, to see if he has an edge trimmer so that I get some trimming done and get some sun.” From experience, I knew doing yard work, especially trimming along the edges meant that she will be bending over in an effort show off her body in the blue tube top that nicely exposed her cleavage and Daisy Duke jean shorts that accented her shapely apple shaped ass.

“Great, see you soon.” I said in a casual way in order to allow me, the chance to think about how to build upon the visit and move things towards the fantasy. I could see her standing knocking at John’s door and my mind began to fantasize about her “real reason” for being there. A few moments later I could see John opening the door and mind began racing even faster. The thought of what she could be doing made me curious so I went outside, in order to see and hear any part of their conversation since John had left the door open. Leaving the door open, I am assuming, is John’s way to keep the house cool without having to run fans or pulling down shades to block the sun.

“Nice to see you again. I like that tube top and shorts you are wearing. It makes you look young and very desirable.”

“Oh thank you,” Michelle said in a giddily girlish laugh.  “I came over to see if I could borrow a trimmer to trim the edge of the lawn after I mow it?”

“Before getting it, how about that drink I was asking about?”

“No, really I shouldn’t.”

“Oh come on, a glass of wine and you will be out the door in less than 10 minutes. It will give me a chance to meet one of my neighbors”

“Really I can’t. My husband is expecting me back. I told him only a few minutes and if I do not hurry back then he will begin to wonder what I am doing.”

“Your husband sounds a bit of an ass, if you ask me. Why do you need to check-in with him?”

“I don’t need to check-in with him but he worries if I say I will be right back then I do not return. If you pour me a half a glass but then I gotta go.”

“Great.” I could see John moving towards Michelle with the glass of wine and as he hand her the glass, he appears to try to touch Michelle’s inner thigh.

“Stop that! I said I would have a half a glass of wine. I did not state you could try to cop a feel of my pussy.”

“Well, who said you did not want me to  touch it? I could tell from the way you were looking at me you wanted me to touch you that way. How would your husband feel if he found out that you came on to me and begged me to touch you like that.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“How do you know?”

“Now, come over here let me have my feel. Otherwise I will tell him you gave me a blow job and that is why it took you that long to come back home.” I could see Michelle submitting to him and I knew she would shortly be leaving. I went back inside to wait for her.

About 10 minutes later I could see Michelle slamming the door, running across the street with the trimmer, and when she came in she said, in a very hurried voice sounding as though she was yelling, “What are you looking at?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said in a hurried and angry voice. Then took a shower and about 10 minutes after the show she said to me, in a calmer voice, ” I am going outside!”.

After that she went outside and spent a lot of time perfecting her trimming job. To me, her behavior is a sign something is on her mind and I suspect it had something to do with John touching the outside of her pussy. She acted in a similar way during our early exploration with having an open relationship, particularly when she felt guilty about having another male touch her before she decided to have him fuck her.  I decided not to approach her about it, since her previous behavior indicated she would not resist any further advances from him and this would mean she would make this fantasy come true. After finishing her trimming she went back to John’s and this time she walked in without knocking at the door.

I waited until I knew she would not be returning home right away and once I knew she was there talking with him I only then would go outside. This time I noticed John had left the large living room window open whereby I could see and hear everything. Trying to be discreet as possible, I walked out to see if I could see anything;  I could see the kitchen just opposite the living room where I could see and hear both of them. Oddly, I do not know if John was aware leaving his large living room for me or if he is trying to keep the house cool during the hottest time of the year. Given I can see a lot, I suspect, John had done this for my benefit.

“I see you are finished trimming outside and I can see you did a good job.”

“Thank you,” Michelle nervously laughed.

” I am not finished,” said John. “I am I not going to ‘beat around the bush’ and I will come straight out with this, I want you to give me a blow job, right here and right now.”

“Absolutely no, I am not!”

” I find you utterly attractive and I want to experience your. If I have to I will tell your husband that the reason why you keep coming here is because you are cheating on him.”

“He knows better.”

“Really, all I need to do is to play on the fact you are a slut who is unfaithful and make think the reason why he is not getting any is because you are getting it on the side form someone else.”

“I do not care what you think. I love my husband and I am not going to do that.”

“Okay, let me make it easier for you. If you do this one thing for me then it will be the last time I ask and if you want I can get you some more wine to help you relax. Otherwise, I will go and tell him right now.”

“I need a moment to think,” pausing for a moment Michelle does not say anything and everything in the house is quiet until Michelle nervously says, “Okay, get me another glass.”

“Good girl, while I am pouring your glass I am going to take off my pants and I would like it if you would strip for me.”

“I am not comfortable giving you a blow job and I am only doing it because I feel as though I have no option. However, I am not stripping for you.”

“Well then, what is your husband going to think when you come back home with alcohol on your breath? I will tell him we had a few drinks, you got really horny, and you then fucked me out of desperation.” At that moment, John began removed his jeans and underwear, exposing his semi-erect 8″ uncut cock for Michelle and the warmth of the room kept his balls hanging. Still watching I waited to see what Michelle was going to do before making a run back to the house so that I am not discovered.

“Wow, that is quite large, I do not know if I can take it all at once. I really should not even be considering the idea. Maybe I should go and let you do what you feel you have to do,” says Michelle is a sexually playful tone.

“Let me get you another glass of wine to help you relax. I am waiting for you to strip because I want to finger your pussy as you suck me.”

“Not a full glass, just a half. You are not going to finger me, all I agreed to was a blow-job.” At this point, I knew he wants to fuck her and it is obvious Michelle’s resistance to the idea is gone. However, she is making him work for it because she does not want him to think she is easy.

“Drink up. I am going to stand against the counter and I want you to face me.”

“Like this?”

“Come closer, I want you to pick up your right leg and balance it on the counter. This will give a great view of your lovely shapely body, it will make it easier for me to feel your perky breasts, and easier access to your pussy.”

“Fingering my pussy was not a part of the deal. All I said I said I will do is give you a blow job nothing else. I don’t like where this is going and I am leaving.”

“How do you expect me to be aroused and enjoy myself? Without being able to feel your response to my hard cock, for me it will be like knowing what a cold wet spaghetti noodle feels like. If you are not willing to go along with the program then I have no problem telling your husband.”

Reluctantly lifting her leg up and resting it on the counter she asks, “Like this?”

“Yeah, but do not be so nervous.  It is no fun if you cannot let yourself enjoy it.”

At that moment I became instantly hard, as I could not believe what I was seeing and I could not believe she was actually going through with it. A part of me wanted to burst in there to protect her, another part of me wanted to run because I was upset, but a big part of me saw this as a very erotic experience. In some ways it is like a car accident on the highway not  wanting to look but at the same time feeling the need to  looking. In any event I stood their paralyzed by the excitement but afraid of being discovered.

“Now bring your leg down so that I can get you undressed.” Slowly he begins to undress Michelle feeing and caressing her breasts before removing her top. Next, John begins to suck on one of her breasts while rolling the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He looks at her saying, “Nice, very nice. You should be proud that you have perfect breasts.”  At that point I am paralyzed not sure how to respond but I can feel my heart racing as I become more aroused.

“Thank you, I know I will enjoy sucking on that large cock.”

John spends the next few minutes enjoying Michelle’s breasts before removing her shorts and panties, as Michelle finally submits to his advances before finally submitting to his advances. “You have a great body and I am going to take my time to enjoy it.” Finally John reaches over pouring another cup of wine for Michelle, “Here drink some more.”

“Any more wine my husband will wonder. This needs to be quick otherwise I am going to have to do a lot of explaining. I cannot smell of cum otherwise he will ask questions.”

With that, John takes a moment to absorb the beauty of Michelle. “My, you look gorgeous. I would love to fuck you.”

Nervously Michelle responds, “Thanks.”

” Don’t be afraid, you will find that you will enjoy it if you let yourself to enjoy it. Your erect nipples, your heavy breathing, and your flushed skin tell me that you are beginning to let yourself enjoy this. “Pausing momentarily John continues by saying, “While you are here you will be safe and nothing will hurt you. I suspect your husband might even find what you are doing a turn on for him.”

“Even though it is summer, I am a bit cold.”

“Nonsense, it is one of the hottest days of the year. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and let me do all of the work. All you have do is enjoy.”

“I wish my husband would be that in control and make this secure.”

“I know, that is why you are here and it is the reason why you are letting me do this to you. From my experience, you want to know what it is like to have another guy seduce you then feel his hard cock deep inside of you.”

With that, John begins to feel Michelle again and pays particular attention to her breasts. First he begins to caress them before sucking on her nipple while rubbing the other. As he does that, Michele lets out a moan of please.” Great, I can see you are letting yourself enjoy this.” Then pulls her into him and as he does he begins to stroke Michelle’s inner thigh right by her outer lips,

Breathing heavily, “Oh my gosh, you are quite turned on aren’t you? I can feel your hard-on pushing against the outside of my pussy”

“You got me this way, I want to fuck you and I can tell by feeling the outside of your pussy you are turned on too. How would you like to feel my cock inside of you instead of having you give me a blow job? No foreplay, just a quick fuck?”

A long pause and I was beginning to worry his request would break the mood before Michelle responds in a high aroused state, “Okay, a fuck nothing else. My husband wants me to fuck another guy for him and I have not been willing to do that for him until now. I want to feel your large hard cock deep inside my pussy and be given the fucking I desperately want. I have never wanted a cock this bad before.”

“You are setting a high expectation but let see what I can do for you. Let us change positions. I want you to move over to this table and behind over I am going to fuck you doggy-style.” As they began to move towards the table the shadow being cast on them made them difficult to see  but I could see their silhouettes; plus I could still  hear them.

“Bend over and let me enter you.”

“You are quite large. Please enter me slowly.”

“Your pussy is quite and deep, I can see I am going to love this fuck. I am in, I am going to slowly fuck you at first. I know this is not the most comfortable position; however, don’t fight it and spread you legs a bit wider so I can go deeper.”

“Like this,” as Michelle spreads he legs further for him.”Oh, Christ you are fucking good! fuck me harder.”

“You are a great fuck. Your pussy is so warm and inviting. I can tell you are loving this”

“Yes! I want you black cock buried deep in me. My husband has never fucked me like this. Fuck me, like I have never been fucked before! ”

John begins fucking Michelle harder and as he does the table begins to move from the forceful thrusts from John and as he does, the moans from Michelle grows louder like a thunderstorm that is quickly approaching.  As John begins to fuck Michelle harder the silhouette of her erect nipples can be seen as she arches her hips higher in order to take John deeper in her pussy while shielding her head from the table.

“Oh my, John my husband has never fucked me this hard before! This is the fucking I have been wanting for a long time.”

“Hold on, I am almost there!”

“Hold back John, slow down, I am not ready to cum yet. I want to enjoy this as long as I can and I want to cum too”

Slowing down in order to hold off, “I can tell you have already cum.”

“Small orgasms but I feel a big one building.”

“I cannot hold on much longer.”

“Yes John, drive your cock fast, deep, and hard into me. I want it all!”

John begins to pick up his pace, within moments Michelle’s body tenses before it releases and as it releases Michelle’s pussy begins twitching in an effort to squeeze every drip of his loving juices from his hard demanding shaft in an effort to keep a memento of a man that used her as a quick and her willingness to provide him with that release.

“Fuck yes!” yells John as he shoots his cum and seed deep into Michelle filling her up. John continues to cum while Michelle’s pussy drinks up every drop that is being fed into her. “Don’t move, I want to you enjoy you as long as I can before I become too soft to stand in you. As I see cum freely flowing from her pussy, I know the time is getting close for me to get back inside, unless she decides to have another go at him.

A few minutes later, after drinking up all that it can Michelle’s pussy expels John’s cock from her warm moist secure home. “I need to go John.” I use that as my cue to leave while Michelle gets dressed and leaves.

About forty-five minutes after leaving, Michelle walks in nonchalantly as possible, “You must have been giving him a big thank you for allowing you to use the trimmer? Did he show you the house or did you spend all of your time talking to him?”

“I guess you could say we had an interesting talk.”

“What did you talk about?”

“I need to take a shower from being sweaty outside. I will tell you all about it when I come out.”

“I can tell you need a shower, you smell musky and a bit like rotten fish.”

She never told me about what happened that day with John and I suspect she was too afraid to say anything. However, I knew and I saw it.  After being fucked by John she never went back to see him and she would always send me if we needed anything. Michelle for the next month was always in the mood for sex and we had a very horny June and July. However as August approached the routine became as it previously was where I was initiating sex and Michelle reverting back to her previous attitudes. Then in late August later John moved due to a promotion and any hopes of her fucking him again left with him. Luckily things changed in Early December when we decided to do a weekend getaway by going to Amsterdam via ferry. The initial goal of the trip was to go to Amsterdam with the hope that the sexual energy and the sights might get us back on track to where things were in July and August. After boarding the boat we unpacked and arrived at 20:00 for our meal. An older plain gentleman was sitting alone at his table. Michelle suggested that we invite him over so that he did not have to eat alone. Walking over to him I said, “My wife and I would like to invite you to join us.”

“I do not want to intrude.”

“That is quite alright, we insist.”

“Alight then, my name is George.”

We both returned to the table and I asked, “What would each of you like for drinks?”

“Wine,” said Michelle

“Guinness,” said George

I went to the bar, watching the two from a distance and I could see the both of talking. “This could be the opportunity I have been waiting for”, I thought to myself. “I should take my time getting back to the table and see if anything develops.” I took my time before placing the order and probably gave them around 10 minutes before returning.

“Sorry for the delay, there was a bit of a line at the bar and the bartender was slow at getting the drinks.”

“Do not worry, hun, George and I were having a nice chat.” I could see from the look on her face something was up and I knew it was at a fragile stage. With it being at a fragile state, I knew if I asked it would probably destroy all of the work that has been put into getting us to this moment and so, I decided to nurture it even though a part of me was not sure if this was the right decision. My fantasy has always been for my wife to fuck someone while I watched without hiding it from me and I realized now it might come true; as I begin to face this reality, I am not sure if this is what I want. In any event, I knew if I wanted to I could put the brakes on it since everything was still in the exploratory phase and it could be easily stopped without upsetting anyone.

We had finished our drinks and George said, “It is my turn for drinks, what will you all have?” We stated the same and this time George said, “I am having a lovely time with your wife and I hope you do not mind. If it is possible, I would like it if you could get the drinks.”

George gave me the money for the drinks and I said, “Not a problem, I will be right back.”

Wanting to see where this was going I decided to agree to his request. This time I could see George sitting closer to Michelle, touching her arm as he talked, and placing his other hand on her leg. Watching the exchange that was occurring started getting me hard and I knew I could not go back to the table with a hard-on since it would be embarrassing. I took a few moments before walking back to the table, “I hope all things are in order and I did not miss anything interesting?”

At that moment, George rose from the table and said, “I need to use the loo and will be right back.”

Looking at Michelle I could see he eyes were wide, she was happy like a school girl who is just beginning her summer break and she looked as though she wanted to say something.

So, I decided to either confirm or deny my suspicions by asking, “You look as though you enjoying yourself.” Pausing for a few moments, I continued by saying, “It also seems as though has something to ask?”

“No. Not really.”

“Come on, I say from the bar how George and you were talking to each other.”

I do not know how to ask this…”

“Go on.”

“I know you fantasy has always been for me to fuck someone else and I have always fought you on it. Well, I have been thinking maybe we should invite George back to our cabin. What do you think?”

“Why do you want to invite him back to the cabin? I have any an idea of what you are alluding to but I want to be sure in order to prevent any misunderstandings.”

“Though George is a bit plain, I would like to fuck him and know what it is like to have another cock in me. The trip to Amsterdam has really made me horny and I would love to fuck him.”

The decision is yours and I will follow your lead. Do you want me to go back to the cabin with you? Do you want to go to his cabin or do you want me to take stroll on deck giving you two hours alone with him in the cabin?”

“I would prefer that you come back with me to the cabin.” After she said that, I became instantly hard, feeling some pre-cum leaking and I had a difficult time try containing my enthusiasm of what might happen tonight.

“Great, once he come back I will suggest that we buy a bottle or two of wine to drink in our cabin. How does that sound?”


“Leave it with me.”

After saying that it gave us a few moments of contemplation before George came back, “While you were gone, Michelle and I were discussing inviting you back our cabin to share a bottle or two of wine after supper.”

“That would be great,” said George.

With that we left, taking the elevator back to the 11th floor and luckily we had purchased an outside 4 berth cabin with two double beds for this trip.

“Let me pour the wine,” I said.  “George, why don’t you sit next to Michelle and I will sit across from you. Then I nodded to Michelle and she turned to George beginning to kiss him. Caught off guard, George was not sure what to do as he looked at me with a shocked look. “It is okay,” I said.

George then began to unclasp Michelle’s bra under her shirt, lifting her top off exposing her breasts and began gently caressing them. I could see Michelle trying to undress George and I undressed while I watched them.  Being December with high winds on the North Sea, I could feel the boat rock with the waves and I felt it added to the excitement.

Soon we were all undressed and George had laid Michelle on her back. Again George looked to me for approval and I nodded to him and said, “You do not need to look for approval, both of us want you to enjoy her and fuck her as you like.” Then, he began to spread Michelle’s legs, exposing her wetness and her swollen pussy the scent of strong musk filled the air. Her lips were swollen in anticipation of having another cock being driven deep in her, her nipples fully erect, and I could tell she could not restrain her desires anymore. This time her pussy lips looked different; they were spread a part but more swollen.

George did not rush to fuck her and took his time relish the moment, like you do with a fine wine. His attention to pleasuring Michelle heightened her excitement. He took his time working his way down to her pussy by kissing her abdomen and caressing her. Once her arrived there, he did not go to claim his prize and instead he waited. He chose to take pleasure in her delights by kissing her inner thighs and teasing her outer lips in order to drive her wild before eating her out. This drove Michelle wild, I could hear moans of please and her pulling his head deep into thigh in order to ensure he could delight in everything. She remained quiet in order to appear as though she was not enjoying it. This is the first time I seen her submit completely without resisting. She lied there like artist clay, allowing him to mold her, shape her, and to enjoy her as he chose.

While I watched I sat on the other bed stroking my hard cock. I felt I was there more for her protection than to selfishly meet by needs thereby denying her some ounce of pleasure. Looking at Michelle I could tell she was ready for him to enter her and I said to George, “It is alright, please fuck her for me and make sure she enjoys it. ”

As soon as I said that George slid right into her and it is the moment that Michelle drop her charade of not enjoying it by yelling, “Yes! Fuck me hard,” yelled Michelle.

“Fuck, you are incredible,” yelled George.

It was not much longer before George shot his load into her and her pussy was gushing with his cum leaking out of her. The sight of another man’s cum leaking out of her along with the smell of sex in the room was quite intoxicating. By then I had shot my load by myself, almost in unison with George shooting his cum into her. Neither of them saw me shooting my load and I was fine with that. I then walked over to her, caressing her to let her know it was alright and I laid on the bed next to Michelle.  She reached over kissing me on the lips and whispered into my ear, “Thank you.”

We laid on the bed with Michelle in the middle, George on the side closest to the wall and me being on the other side closest to the door. It was about 10 minutes before Michelle stated, I am going into shower, do any of you gents want to join me? Both George and I joined Michelle in the shower, “Okay, “Who wants to wash my front?” asked Michelle. George began washing her front and I washed her back, soon we were back in bed again, this time Michelle giving both of us some physical attention.

It was not long before both George and I were hard. I could see that George was a bit smaller than me, about 6″ inches cut and I motioned Michelle to give George a blow job. As she began to suck him, I began to eat her out from behind.   A few minutes later, “I want you to tell me when you are about to cum,” said Michelle to George.

“I will.”

Things continued until George said, “I am almost there.” with that Michelle climb on top of him taking is cock deep inside of her already fucked pussy and I gently pushed her forward lubricating her ass before entering her. As I entered Michelle’s ass, I could feel George’s cock rubbing against mine. It was about two thrusts later and I could feel George’s cock discharging his juices once again deep into Michelle. Just as I was going very deep into Michelle’s ass I hurled my load into her ass.

We laid there for a few moments before George started getting dressed and that was the last we saw of George.

Things seem to have changed with us, Michelle is a bit more open about sex, we are talking more, and our sex life seems to be more exciting. These experiences seem to have change things for the better; however, I cannot say if, George, a combination of the two or neither that produced the results. Whatever the reason it was a great experience and hopefully we will have a few more of theses.

My threesome adventure – a retrospective review




I am not a cliché aficionado but one stands out in my mind, “do not wish for something unless you are prepared for it to come true.” Before talking about why this cliché stands out, I will introduce myself and provide some background. Jennifer is my full name but many people call me Jenny. Currently, I am 40 years old, l I do free lance advertising and living in a small town of Poldick, South   Dakota. The surrounding area has more farm animals then people and still has buildings built by pioneers, who settled this town. My feeling the town’s link to pioneers gives a general impression people from this area are conservative, religious, and innovative. In some ways, if feel that impression describes me.


In retrospect, a lot of my life, including my decisions, is somehow associated with growing up in a rural town not too far Poldick. It is fair to say my parents were conservative in every aspect. Growing-up watching television was limited, due to my parents believing television programs having too sex or promoting a progressive liberal agenda. If I was not doing homework or outside with my friends then I was at church doing something in order to keep my parents happy. This led me to develop a rich fantasy life due to the isolation living in a rural area but at the same time being afraid to experience something new. The fear of adventure and always wanting to do the right thing led me to live a very insulated life.


During my teen-age years, growing up in a religiously conservative home meant I did not date until I was a senior in high school and it was not until prom that I had my first kiss. It was not until I moved out of my parent’s home studying art at university that my life began to change. During my junior year at university, I met my husband Dan whom was in the same Introduction to Sociology class with me. His intellect, English accent, and having experiences different from mine initially attracted me to him. Unlike me, Dan was not a virgin when we met. This does not mean I was frigid. My sexual interests were quite alive, I willing to explore but I kept having sex as a fantasy. One example where I can give of my sexual interest being alive, while at university if I had a few moments alone I would take my pants and panties off to play with myself while fantasising about being the object of desire. Another example my roommate Penny and I would go out partying together then come back to our dorm room exploring each other’s body. Nothing materialized between Penny and me. Then there was Robert whom I dated for about six months before meeting my husband Dan. Robert was a lot like me in many ways idealistic and had his views shaped by living in a religiously conservative home. Such backgrounds made our relationship difficult because we had limited experiences and the experience we had made our conservative background limited our physical involvement with each other. This meant my experience with him was limited to petting, nothing more. It would be fair to say that prior to meeting Dan I led a cloistered life with many of my ideas about sex based on fantasy or religiously conservative ideas.


As I started knowing Dan, I learned about his sexual experiences including a threesome with two women and a drunken bj with his roommate, though he did not go into much detail about it. His experience, I feel, made him more willing to take a risk in our relationship. At first, this lead to some conflict due to our differing viewpoints but as we learned more about each other, we learned out to work through it. After graduation, we were married starting to live the American dream, a house, careers, and children. If you looked at us after nearly 20 years of marriage, we would appear as any other married couple. However, if I just lived the American Dream, there would not be much of a story to tell and the story would end here.


After getting married, our lives were nothing spectacular. In the beginning of our marriage, sex was predictable and I was reluctant to try anything new. Dan is always the one suggesting new things and pushing new things to try. Most of the time I will reject his ideas but as time passed, I tried some of his suggestions, such as sharing a fantasy during fore play. A common fantasy was having sex with another man with Dan participating or arranging something then telling Dan about the details. This fantasy came from occasionally watching threesome porn together and our discussions about trying it. There is a few times when we started to look for a third person to join us but I would say ‘no’ due to my fear about the risk. Another common activity for Dan and I, tying Dan down with some of his older ties and then doing what I wanted with him. Tying Dan down gave me a sense of power, a sense of control, and allowed me to break out of the shell that defines much of my life before Dan. Dan’s patience with me along my willingness to explore, in some ways allowed me to be more sexually competent. Nonetheless, in my private moments, I still like to play with myself fantasizing being the object of desire for another man while Robert watched.


With that said, if you were to ask me before 4 May 2011 if I had any regrets, I would confidentially say there was one, not going all of the way with Robert. However, that was going to change. The week begins like any week for us, since were on vacation and staying home. Since we were staying home we kept our morning routine of discussing world events. Then on May 4th,, the day before an election in the UK, Dan and I decided to bet on the outcome of the outcome of the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum in the UK, Since Dan is originally from the UK and politics is something he enjoys. He felt that the UK would not approve AV but I felt the idea was a good idea because it provides a fairer voting system. This lead to a lively debate at the breakfast table and we decided to solve our difference with a wager on the outcome.


Unlike previous wagers, this one was different and I am not sure why we moved our wagers from non-sexual to sexual. It could be as a couple we were heading in this direction or it was due to both of us being on vacation. My wager was an unassuming one, being able to tie Dan down using restraints and dominate him. Dan knew about my relationship with Robert, the attraction I had for him, but never said anything about it until now. His bet was unexpected if he won I would find Robert, sleep with him, and I would arrange it. Since our bets are more innocent than this, I told Dan, “I need time to think about it.”


“Okay, I will give until this evening but unless you tell me otherwise, I am going to assume my wager is acceptable.”


I felt he was joking about his wager because as a couple we knew where the implied limits existed and I know he would not expect to do something that I was not comfortable doing. Nonetheless, it did get me thinking and wondering what it would be like to be with Robert and the thought started to get me aroused. A few explicit images, of Robert fucking me, ran through my head before Dan said, “I am off to do the weekly shop.” That gave me at least 30 – 45 minutes where I could go upstairs and play with myself thinking about how much I might enjoy it. Once I got out my dildo, it made me think more about fucking Robert. The thought of him fucking me now made me quite wet and I could feel my pussy yearning for Robert’s rock hard shaft inside of me. A few moments later, I could feel my pussy wall taking command of the dildo by grasping it as I shoved it in faster, and at that point, I knew I would agree to the wager.


After thinking about Dan’s idea, it left me with a quandary. If it happens, it will mean our relationship will change but at the same time, I knew I wanted to fuck Robert. I took some time to think about what it would mean. After Dan came home, having some time to think thinking and considering it, I decided I was going to tell Dan my decision.  I nervously approached him, “Are you sure of your wager?”


“I am not sure I understand what you are saying?”


“We do this as something fun between us and we never defined what was out of bounds for a wager.”


“I know,” Dan said, looking down and away from me, while taking a pause before continuing. “We have never formally discussed and I have always assumed that this was for a bit of a laugh. Fun you know, never forcing the other to go through with the wager if they were uncomfortable with it.”


“I agree. I am afraid it could damage what we have and I am afraid that I might enjoy it too much.”


“Enjoy it too much, a bird like you?” Dan begins to laugh. “You have always been a bit conservative. I think you will want to do it once just to see what it would be like and then the novelty will wear off.”


At that point, I felt as though 1,000 people were staring at me that was holding onto every word I said because we never had this type of discussion before and I felt Dan knew me more than I knew myself. There was a long silence and feeling as though blood was facing to my face, Dan broke the silence by saying, “ Do not worry, yet, the outcome is not known and I have some boundaries that need to be agreed before it goes a head for me.” Dan took a long pause and I thought he was done speaking until he said, “I always felt there was something unresolved between Robert and yourself. Maybe because of your backgrounds, growing up in the country, or I don’t know.”


Shocked by the fact I am still open to idea; I prodded by asking what were the boundaries. “They would be it is a one-time thing, I knew when it was going to happen, and no communicating with him after it happened.” At this point, I felt a flurry of feelings range from sheer excitement to being utterly upset. Feeling upset came from the uncertainty that it brought and the fact I have not fully resolved the conflicting beliefs I have about the wager. Whereas the excitement came from the fact I might be able to arrange for Robert to fuck me. Now, I could feel my nipples getting hard and beginning to feel moist between my legs. Dan then said looking at my chest, “I can see you like my response,” with a smile on his face.


“So you are happy, if I try to find him online and contact him?”


“Yes as long as you are transparent about what you are doing, you keep me updated, and we periodically talk about it.”


After the conversation, I went back upstairs and I was feeling confused. At part of me was wondering if Dan suggested this because he knew I did not keep in contact with any ex boyfriend and was confident I would not find Robert. Moreover, there was some doubt in my mind if I could actually go through with this if I found Robert. This left me wondering if Dan suggested this wager since it was more likely a fantasy than reality.


I decided to go downstairs to speak with Dan again and to confirm that he is comfortable with the idea. Speaking with him he says, ”I know you feel this wage is a bit out of character for me; I know you still have a sexual interest in Robert and fucking him might do you some good. I am not going to push you into something you do not want to do.” Silence fell for a minute and Dan continued, “I love you and this needs to be your choice, if you loose. If you want I will pick something else that is less threatening.”


“No, I am alright with that. I needed to be sure in my mind that this was not a joke.” With that statement, I left him and went back up stairs to begin my search. As I began my search by looking at various social media websites, it suddenly dawned on me, if I found him what would I say? I thought about being causal by saying, “It is a long time since we spoke,” and then try working up to my idea. However, I thought that would take a while and I was trying to move things faster. This left me with a dilemma in determining the best way to solve this problem and after contemplating the idea, I came up with a solution. The solution involved me being the seducer by pretending to be someone else and once we meet surprising him. Being the one who is pursing him got me quite wet and feeling flushed, in a way it felt like a rush. Sliding my hands down my pants I could feel how wet I am becoming and spent a few moments imaging what I would be doing with Robert.


I looked up at the clock in our office said 10:43 and most of the morning has now passed. If I was going to find Robert, I needed not to let my mind wonder. After a bit of searching, I found him on a social networking site and he lived only50   miles from us. A bit nervous, I tried to hide my identity when I made contact with him by sending him a message.  Once I made contact I felt I took it as far as I could and hoped that he would respond. Instead of nervously waiting for a reply at my computer, I decided I would do a few errands then check back. It was about 14:23 when I checked my computer to see if I had a response and to my surprise, I did.  Not sure, what my next step should be and thought, “How do I move this forward without appearing too anxious?” My heart was beginning to race and my palms became sweaty. Soon I was considering other questions in my mind, “Do I need to tell him that I am married? What is the proper etiquette?” After taking a brief pause allowing myself to calm down, I decided a video chat would be the best way to handle this and suggested it to him.


It took about 5 minutes before we could see each other and I was nervous thinking to myself, “Will he recognize me?” If he did recognize me from all of these years then I will not try to hide it admit but if not, then I will play along.


At first he said, “Hello,” with a lot of tension in his voice and to me it indicate he was nervous.


I then responded with a confident and cheery, “Hello.” There was a long pause felling as though it was 5 minutes but actually, it was no more than 30 seconds. Capitalizing on his nervousness, I could feel a sense of power in trying to achieve my conquest and being the one who is doing the pursing. Knowing I could capitalize on this moment my decision was to play an innocent but confident woman. This meant for me trying to flirt with him and then letting the conversation happen.


“You look like someone I knew a few years back.”


“Really?” His statement told me he was not sure who I am.


“Yeah, I was attracted to her but we were young… Nothing developed and we soon went our own ways.”


“What do you think you would do if you saw her again?”


Robert paused a few moments, a smile broke across his face and his voice had a child like innocence to it. The innocent sound to his voice told me, this is something he does not readily share with someone and he is being genuine in his reply, “We were young and inexperienced. If I did meet her again I guess, I would like to go all of the way with her.”


Coyly I asked, “Have you spoken with her since then?”




“Are you sure?”


“As far as I know, I haven’t.”


“What if I told you, that you are speaking with her now?”


“Really!” His eyes were getting wide and I could see Robert was trying not to look too excited.


“Yes, I am married. However, my husband knows I am searching for you and there is more.” At that point, I could see some of his excitement leave his face and a look of puzzlement enter. The look I would say is similar to someone playing a slot machine that is expecting to win big only to discover they won a few dollars. Noting the change in his look I continued by saying, “I can see you look puzzled and I will try to clear up some of the confusion. My husband and I like to bet and he bet, if he wins, then he wanted me to have sex with you? We are now waiting for the result since bet is based on an election.”


“How you feel about that?”


Pausing for a few seconds to consider, my next words since what I say will determine if this goes forward.  “At first, I went through a lot of different feelings but I soon discovered how much I wanted to fuck you.”


“Okay, let me back-up a bit so you understand what is being considered.” As our talk continued, I could see him again relaxing and I could tell from his expression that his interest remains.  “What were are considering is either a threesome with my husband or letting me be a lone with you then telling him about the experience. So this is an one time chance to make it happen.”


“The idea sound quite tempting… A lot has changed since we were younger.” A long pause, “I do not know how to say this.” I can see on his face is struggling to decide if he is going to say something. The look on his face reminded me a lot of a young child that broke something and is unsure if they should admit to it, “Well, here it goes… If we did go through with this, I would prefer the threesome option with your husband there.”


“Okay, um, is there any particular reason?”


“After our relationship ended… I had a few relationships with both men and women. So, I prefer both… If you know what I mean?”


“You know I come from a fairly conservative background. Even though I have changed a lot over the years, I do not know if I am comfortable with that.” My response to Robert was due to the shock of hearing he is bisexual.  At this moment, in the back of my mind was, “How is Dan going to react? Will this force Dan to change his mind?” The idea of being with Robert sill arouses me and I want to this to happen. Before making any decision regarding speaking with Dan or telling Dan to consider another option, I decide I will ask a few questions. “When you say that you have been with both men and women are you now playing for the other team?”


“I am not sure that I understand?”


“I guess, what I am asking is do you only prefer men… Now?”


“No, I like women too but if the opportunity to be with a heterosexual couple came up then I would take it, if you know what I mean?”


“Okay, so if I understand you correctly, if there was a threesome with Dan and myself you would want to be able to interact with both of us?”




“So, when I talk with Dan what are you proposing that you would want to do with him?”


“I am not looking for anal with him. Instead, I am open to touching, oral, and mutual masturbation. If he is not open that then I am willing to have a completely straight threesome with him”


“I cannot speak for Dan and need to get his feelings on this. Will you be online later?”




“We are on vacation and he is home at the moment. Once we know the outcome of the vote and I have a chance to speak with him, I will let you know what he has to say.”


“Bye for now.” After signing off I thought to myself, “this whole bet is beginning to get complicated and almost unmanageable.” I went downstairs seeing him watching television, approaching him I say, “You realize, I was speaking to Robert online while upstairs?”


“Really, what did the two of you talk about?” By his tone, I knew Dan was interest was more in me and I know my current ambivalent feelings about this will show through my conversation with him.


“Catching up on old times and what we have been doing since school.”


“Anything … else?”


“Well, we did talk about our bet.”




“He is definitely interested, but um… How do I say this,” pausing before I continue. “Dan is bisexual and he wants to have a threesome.”


“You are fucking kidding me!”


“No I am not.”


“I don’t do that. I am not a canary!”


“I know you are not and I told him that. Robert said, he was looking for some touching, maybe some mutual masturbation, and maybe him giving you a bj or you giving him a bj. I told him I would have to speak to you about it.”


“Is he only into blokes or birds too? I am not going to do another bloke in front of you!”


“No, he is into both and is still attracted to me. He said he would be alright with it if there was no interacting between the two of you I would expect that he will interact with me too.”


“Okay let us see the outcome of the vote and if I am the winner, then I can talk with Geoff about this since he tells me a bit his threesome adventures.


Election Day was 5 May 2011 with publication of AV results on the evening of 6 May 2011, we followed the returns online and AV was soundly defeated. After it became apparent that AV was defeated, Dan said, “Why don’t you contact Robert to let him know the outcome? I will contact Geoff to get some input but do not agree to any meeting, yet”


“I can, but don’t you think it would be better for me to speak with Robert first?”


“You are not agreeing to meet him but let him know I have won the bet. Tell him you
might have an answer for him in a few hours and if not, no more than a few days”


“Anything else?”


“Yes, let me know the result of the conversation.”


Dan left the room so that I could have some privacy with Robert and not have a background conversation while speaking with Geoff. I found Robert and suggested that we once again use personal messaging with video. After both of us finished logging in, I stated with a smile and jokingly said, “Dan won the bet and is looking to collect.”


“I see…” Robert had a big smile on his face and deciding to tease a bit, I remove my pink night top exposing my 34B breasts. “Very nice.”


“I thought you like… Are you going to help Dan collect his bet? Or do I need to find someone else?”


“No, I will definitely help him collect.”


“Great, he is a bit uncomfortable with the idea of having contact with you and he is talking with a friend who has had threesomes with men. I do not believe he will change his mind on it and I might know a bit later this evening, will you be contactable?”


“Yes, I will and if I am not online send a message and I will get it the next time I sign in.” Before I could tell Dan about my conversation with Robert, he left to speak with Geoff.


“When I knocked Betty answered and direct me to the basement. I have not seen the basement since you finished decorating it. You all right, mate?”


“Yes, you said you wanted to discuss something with me?”


“Here it goes, mate. I thought I would ask you since you are always telling me about your threesomes with Betty.”


“Go on.”


“Well you see, I bet Jenny if I won we would have a threesome with her ex-boyfriend. He was a bit of a wanker at university and I do not see him as a threat. Jenny spoke to him and blimey it turns out that he is a bit camp.”


“So, he is playing for the other team? Gay?”


“Oh no, he likes birds too but I just don’t know what to think. I have a chance a threesome and being able to watch Jenny enjoy herself. If I say no then I don’t know if I will have another chance.”


“A few general points about having a threesome.”


“Okay, then tell me.”


“First point, nothing happens in a threesome unless you agree to it, which means ‘no’ means ‘no. Second point let him know you limits and the farthest you are willing to go. Third, you can have a threesome with it being straight and no male on male contact.”


“So, what you are saying is the threesome can happen without turning me into a canary?”


“Are you open to doing anal with him?”




“Okay, this defines a limit for the activity and I suspect he will understand if you do not want contact?”


“According to Jenny touching does not have to happen.”


“There is three options for you if you decide touching is fine. One is you taking a hold of his cock then helping him to enter Jenny. Second, the two of you could masturbate each other in front of Jenny. Third could be sucking him off or him sucking you.”


“I do not think I want to go that far.”


“If you want I can take off my jeans and you can have a go at feeling my cock. It will give you an idea of what it might be like”


“Won’t Betty mind?”


“No, we have an open relationship”


“Are you sure you are alright with me touching your cock? I am not sure what to do.”


“Don’t think about it, just go with what you feel and watch my body to let you know if I am enjoying it.”


“Alright… I guess. Do you want me to take your pants off or do you?”


“I will, give me a moment as I unzip my jeans and slide my underwear off. What do you think?”


“I did not think you could get hard that fast. I did not know you were that big.”


“I never told you about my fantasy of you stroking my cock.”


“Come closer, so that I can feel your cock. It feels hard but the skin is quite moist, not what I was expecting.”


“Oh, yes that feels good, faster.”


“No offense Geoff, I cannot go through with this and thank you for helping me work out what I need to do. I am going to leave, now.”


“Jennifer are you home?”


“Yes, give me a minute. I will be right down!”




“Did you speak with Geoff? What did he have to say?”


“He gave me some insight into having a threesome and I learned that I am not into male on male contact.”


“So, what are you saying then?”


“I am not sure… I think I am saying that I would like the threesome to happen but I want to watch, not participate.”


“Are you sure, that is what you want?”




“Alright, I will contact Robert and make the necessary arrangements.”


Jennifer logs on to her instant messenger. After logging into the instant messenger, Jennifer sends Robert, “Hi I am online 😀 and spoke with Dan about the bet. Let me know when you’ll be online so we can discuss further.”


With no response Jennifer is about ready to log-off when she receives an instant message from Dan, “Hi, was not sure if I would be able to chat with you.”


“I was about ready to log off.”




“Dan did some thinking and is not comfortable being with another male.”


“Oh darn, I was looking forward to meeting him.”


“You will meet him. He said he wants the threesome but wants to watch.”


“Oh really, that is super.


“It is getting late, I am getting tired, and I need to get up early. We will talk some more tomorrow and make arrangements. Bye for now.”


After signing off with Robert I thought to myself, “I am going to see if I Penny is online so, we can chat and get her opinion on this, I am going to send her a quick message to see if she responds,” Jenny thinking to herself. “Penny, I need some advice, can you chat?”


Knowing it might take Penny a few minutes Jenny waits and is about ready to sign-off when Penny responds, “Is anything wrong?”


“No, I am confused and thought you might be able to help?”


“Are you and Dan having problems?”


“No, the advice I want regards threesomes. I know you have said that Charlie and you occasionally have threesomes. Well… I have an opportunity for something like that; however, I am not sure about it.”


“What are you unsure about?”


“Long story short, you remember Robert from university. Well, Dan bet me sleeping with Robert if he won. He won but I found out Robert is bi; Dan wants to watch, not participate but I am not sure.”


“You remember our sort-of bi experience back at university? I don’t think that will change anything about Robert and I always felt Robert was attracted to you. Though I never believed he was not straight.”


“I guess what I want is Dan participating and I feel, if he is not participating then it takes away from the experience.”


“The experience is wider than Dan and you. It is about being desired by two men at the same time and them pleasing you. Even though Dan may be watching he is still there with you and enjoying seeing you enjoying yourself.”


“I know, that is why I am still considering it. In my mind, if Dan is not participating then I feel it is cheating.”


“It is not cheating, as long as both of you agree and the threesome does not go beyond what is agreed. From what I remember of Robert he did not seem to be someone that would destroy a relationship or go beyond any limits set.”


“I don’t fully agree with your definition of cheating that but I do understand what you are saying. Have you even done a threesome before where Charlie just watched?”


“Yes we have. However, I need to leave in a few minutes; I will save it for another time. Let me tell you from experience, if Dan believes you are enjoying yourself, he will be too horny to control himself and will join the two of you.”


“What you are saying I should go ahead with this and Dan might join in?”




“Great, bye for now. Bye.”




With that, Jenny signs off her computer and speaks with Dan. “Dan are you awake?”




“I have been doing a lot of thinking about what you said and I am willing to go through with it.”


“Great, make sure you let Robert know,” Dan said with a tired voice.


“Trust me, I will. I am going to email Robert”


Going back to her computer Jenny boots it up and sends Robert a quick message, “Everything is a go, contact me to make plans.”


“It is getting late,” I thought to myself and I will arrange with Robert in the morning and after leaving the computer, I went to bed.


The morning of 7 May 2011 is sunny with very little clouds and warmer than usual. I awoke at 08:00 with Dan still asleep in bed. That morning I made a light breakfast before taking my shower, and seeing if Robert replied. Logging into my account I find Robert replied, “Glad to see things are moving forward and I am available on Saturday. Let me know the details, Robert.”


After reading that message from Robert, I knew things would be moving fast and if things worked out then by the end of the day, he will be fucking me. Responding back to Robert, “Available today too. Let me know your availability.” Still being early in the morning, I did not expect Robert to respond immediately back. I decided to enjoy the quiet that existed. It was around 10:00, I could see that Robert was available. “Hi,” I sent to Robert to see if he was at his computer or away.


A few minutes later Robert responds, “Hi, so it looks as though it is a go?”


“Yes, it is. To be honest with you, I am a bit nervous and still a bit unsure.”


“Don’t worry Jenny; nothing is going to happen unless you want it to happen. I am not going to push you to do something that you are not ready to do nor will I do anything that will hurt your relationship with Dan.”


“That is good to know. Before going forward I do want to confirm what is being planned in order to prevent any confusion. It will be a one-time situation with Dan watching but I suspect if he gets horny enough he may want to participate.”


“I can live with that.”


“Also I am not sure where my comfort level lies, at the moment.”


“Again, that is fine. If you ultimately decide against it or if I perform oral on you without having sex, I can live with that.”


“What are your thoughts about meeting, tonight?”


“Since you live in a small town, I do not want to attract attention, and I am assuming you do not want to attract attention either, I was thinking meeting in Redman City, Iowa. We could each book a hotel room at the same hotel and then meet for dinner.”


“Sounds good, but it will take us a few hours to drive to Redman City. It also means I need to pack and get Dan moving. My feeling the earliest we will be there will be around 17:00.”


“If you send me your cellular number, I will text you the hotel and my room number.”


“I will bye for now.”




Trying to make it to Redman City by 17:00 meant I did not have much time to waste since it is close to 11:00, I have to get Dan moving, pack, and try to leave by 13:00. Luckily, Dan was finally moving about, though still groggy from sleeping, “Hun, I spoke to Robert online and we need to leave.”


“Watcha on about?”


“We agreed that we would meet in Redman City about 17:00, we would book a hotel room and he would book a room at the same hotel too. He is going to text me the hotel and restaurant. So there is not much time to yammer and we need to get moving.”


“Flippin’ell we need to get a move on.”


With that said about 20 minutes later Robert texted to me the hotel and restaurant, I texted back, “So far we are on schedule and should be on the road by 13:00 or shortly thereafter, see you there.” After, the text I booked a room at the hotel and I finished getting ready. It was about 12:30 when Dan & I started packing for our weekend getaway. Dan picked up my dildo that we sometimes use to simulate another cock in me and said, “Do you want to bring this with? Otherwise it might feel left out?”


“I think I will be getting enough attention tonight and I don’t think I will need it, tonight.” With that, Dan walked over embracing me, kissing me on the forehand, and then said, “I love you, I think we are going to have fun tonight.” With that, we grabbed our bags and loaded the car. Once we were on the interstate heading towards Redman  City, Iowa I texted Robert, “On our way and should be there in time.”


The next four hours in the car was quiet and I am not sure the reason. It could be that we needed the time emotionally, to prepare for the evening, or that we did not want to say something that would ruin the evening we had planned. In either case, the ride seemed longer than usual. When we arrived at our hotel, the sun was shinning and the sun felt warm on my skin. Once we were at the hotel, I texted Robert to let him know we arrived and gave Robert our room number 1023 and he texted me that he had a poolside room. I did not pay much attention to the room since the evening was going to be busy we started to get ready for supper. As we were getting ready for supper Dan said to me, “How do you want to play supper tonight?”


“I am not sure what you mean?”


“We have two options tonight, one option if everything goes alright we will come back to this room with Robert. Second option, I was thinking maybe, if you wanted you could back to Robert’s room alone?”


“I sorta like the second option but I do not know how I will feel until we are at the restaurant.”


“How about we come up with a few signals?”


“Okay, like what?”


“When we are ordering I will ask if you want a glass of wine with supper, if you want it to go forward you will say no and if you want don’t want it to go forward you will say red.”


“That is easy to remember, what about the rest of the evening?”


“After supper, if you want to go to Robert’s room you will say, I want to go. If you want a threesome, you will say lets head up or if you don’t end it then say, we need to leave early so I can prepare for my meeting on Monday.”


“That is a bit confusing, but I think I might be able to remember.”


“Main thing, you need to be subtle about what you want. Otherwise you will tip him off.”


“Gotcha.” The signals that Dan gave me helped me to let Dan know my feelings about where things are going without being obvious about it. The next two hours went by quickly and by about 19:15 we were ready to meet Robert. After closing door to our hotel room behind as the closing of the door reverberated through the floor it left me feeling both fear and anticipation. It was not until the elevator door opened and heading towards the restaurant in the hotel, I began feeling horny with many thoughts running through my mind. I was wondering what it will be like to be desired by two men at the same time? Will Dan be all right with this? Will I choose the threesome or choose to be alone with Dan? Dan and I arrived before Robert. Luckily, this gave us a few minutes to talk before Robert arrived.


“Regardless of what happens tonight, I want you know that I still love you, Jen.”


“Same here.”


“Remember, to go through with this or not, the final decision lies with you. Unless I get really uncomfortable with the situation, I will not put a stop to it.”




A few moments later I could see Robert by the Maître d’ trying to find us. It is difficult to see Robert’s features from a distance. Once I get closer I can see he still has a youthful look to him though his hair is thinning on the top and his build is less athletic that at university. “Nice to see you,” a Robert embraces me and gives me a kiss on the forehead.


That kiss made my heart race and made me wetter, trying to hide my trembling voice, I said, “We are over here.” Robert and I arrive at the table and I introduce him to Dan. There is a few moments of awkward silence until Dan says, “Hey mate, glad you could join us on short notice. How about a pint?”


Robert, at first appears not knowing how to respond to Dan before taking a few moments and saying, “Not sure what you mean?”


“InEnglandbeer is served in pint glasses and much stronger, not the wimpy stuff they serve here. I believe in the States an English pint is20 ounces?”


“I am not picky, surprise me.”


“What do you want Jen?”


“Nothing for me, I fine right now.”


“I will be back in a few.” By Dan getting the drinks I knew he was trying to set the right tone for the evening, checking to see if I want this to go ahead, and give me a few minutes alone with Robert. Trying to break the silence I ask Robert, “How have you been?”


“I have been all right, a lot has changed.”


“I suspected that.”


“I have thought about you a lot. I am glad you are here,” after saying that Robert bends forward kissing me on the cheek.


I respond by placing my hand on his inner thigh and looking into his eyes by quietly saying, “I know.” The intensity of the moment started my heart racing again, I began feeling warm all over, and I was feeling quite aroused. For a moment, the room felt as though it was spinning, I felt weak, and at that point, I knew my decision.


“Are you alright?” asked Robert.


“Not to worry, I will be fine.” I did not want to tip off Robert what I was thinking and I wanted to wait until Dan came back to let him know what I have planned. Looking towards the bar I could see Dan paying for the drinks and I started caressing Robert’s inner thigh some more. As I did, I began moving my hand towards his balls and cock. The look on Robert’s face told me he was enjoying it. Once Dan came back to the table I said, “I want to go.”


I could see Robert’s face drop until Dan said, “I has been a long drive and I would like a drink before heading back to the room. Hey Mate can you do me a favour and take the misses back for me?”


Taking my hand, I gently stroked the outside of his hard cock, as Robert said, “sure.”


Dan and I did not plan this scenario. In order to make it look as natural as possible to Robert I said, “Dan was mentioning to me while you were getting drinks, some photographs he wanted to show me from high school. I know it would bore you. Do you mind if I see them.”


“Have fun, I will see you back at the room.”


The walk from the restaurant to Robert’s room was short walk from the restaurant since they were on the same floor. His room was a bit smaller than ours and it was noisier since it was poolside. Nonetheless, the noise of kids yelling, people jumping into the pool, and the running of the air conditioner to remove some of the humidity from the pool provided enough background noise where chitchatting became difficult. Robert sat on the chair by the table that leads out to the pool. I sat on the edge of the bed facing him. Looking at Robert, I could tell he was nervous and not sure what to do. He tried to talk about school but the nerves got the best of him. I knew if I did not do something soon then this whole journey would be a waste. “Look, Dan knows what we are doing here. My statement to Dan done in order not to tip off the other people what we had planned. No need to be nervous Dan’s know what we are about to do. He was the one that suggested it to me.”




“Yes. Dan and I do not do this all of the time… It is sort of a special thing this time. Now, are you going to get out of those clothes or do I have to rip them off of you?”


Robert then stood up and began undressing putting his clothes on the chair. As he did this I walked over to him putting my hand on his chest and began caressing his upper body before drawing him in close. Drawing him closely I took my right hand to feel his cock and I began kissing his body as I worked my way down to his raging hard-on. “I like what I see,” I said before taking his cock into my warm wet mouth. “Mmm…” I moaned and as I did, Robert began thrusting his hips. At this point, I knew he is getting excited; I stopped, and guided him to the bed. After getting him to the lay on the bed, I instructed him to lay there as I undressed for him. Crawling on top of him, I took control by holding down his arms as I brought myself down so that I my face was in front of his cock. “I want you to be a good boy and follow my instructions, can you do that?”


Robert nodded his up and down, signalling that he is willing to be compliant. “I don’t want to leave without being sexually satisfied because you cannot follow instructions.” I then proceed to take his shirt, rolling it up, and made a crude blindfold from it. “I have made a very crude blindfold since I do not items that would make a better blindfold. Your punishment for removing the blind fold will be me leaving. You don’t want me to leave, do you?”


“No,” Robert said quietly.


“Good, I want you to lay there. Do not play with yourself and do not cum until I tell you to cum.” There was silence from him and I knew he understood. I began sucking his cock, again, but this time as I sucked him I began caressing his balls.


“Don’t stop”


I then rolled Robert to his side, spanked his bottom, and said, “That was a warning not to cum. Hopefully, I do not have to give you another warning and if I do, I will stop for 5 minutes.”


“Okay, no need to be so rough.”


“You’ve wanting my pussy for about 20 years, you want to know what my pussy feels like and you want to know what it is like fuck me. Soon you will find out but before you get to experience your nirvana you must demonstrate you are worthy.”


“I understand”


After that exchange with Robert, it told me he lacked experience with women and it indicated to me that he probably was more into guys. I realized at that point that I made a few assumptions that I probably should not have made and decided not to take this foreplay much further.


“Are you ready to cum?” I asked Robert




“How badly do you want to cum?”


“Really bad, it is difficult to hold back.”


I crawled back on top of him, grabbing his cock and inserted into my moist pussy.


He easily entered, “Oh god you feel incredible, nice and tight.”


Finally, having Robert inside of me made me feel 20 years younger and the time seemed to melt away. His cock felt a lot different from Dan’s. Dan’s feels narrow and long. However, Robert feels thick and able to enter all parts of my pussy. As I begin to move, I can feel Robert’s cock growing larger in me. Looking down at him, “Don’t move, let me do all of the work.” Now, I have control of his cock and I began moving my hips in different directions in order to stimulate different areas of my vagina. As I looked down, I could tell by the expression on his face that he was close to cumming. “Are you ready?” I said in a loving and gentle way.




A few more thrusts I could feel him filling my forbidden fruit. I bent forward, waited for him to go soft, before kissing him and climbing off him. Lying next to him, I realized I did not want a round two and I had a chance to explore something that I felt that I missed 20 years ago. “I need to go. Hopefully Dan is not thinking I have become too engrossed in photos,” winking at him to let him know I was joking. With that, I got up, kissed him on the cheek and got dressed. “Keep in contact. It was nice seeing you again.” I said this as I was opening the door to leave. After closing the door I knew the biggest part of the night was going to be when I get back to the room with Dan. The fact that I did not orgasm with Robert was not an issue since I knew Dan would make cum many times.


Waiting for the elevator, I grab my room key and press the button for the 10th floor. I use the card to open the door and Dan is lying in bed and the room is dark, “Did you enjoy yourself?”


“Yes. I think I might have enjoyed it more if you were there.”


Dan sits up and motion for me to join him on the bed, “You wanted to go back with him and I felt it might work out better if you did.” Sitting on the bed with my back to Dan begins to massage my shoulders and rubbing my back, “I bet you are sore from your workout.”


“I am.”


“Let me, release some of that tension for you.” I turn towards Dan and begin kissing him swirling our tongues around and feeling desired. It is difficult to describe but as Dan kissed me it felt, as though, we were closer. As we kissed, Dan began cupping my breast and playing with my nipple. He then began to undress me before guiding me to lay down and as he did, he kneeled in front of me. I could feel Dan moving down me, and I began trembling with pleasure. “I see you have been a bit of a trollop tonight. What are we going to do about it?”


“What do you think we should do?” playfully responding to Dan.


Dan pushing on my shoulders against the bed pushes up and says, “I cannot let this behavior go unnoticed.” Soon I felt Dan stroking my clit with his hand and eating me out. “Don’t stop what you are doing, it feels so good.”


“Did he have a big cock? Bigger than mine?”


“It felt different. He felt thicker but I cannot say for sure larger.”


“What did he feel like, in you?”


“He felt wonderful.” As I said that I could feel Dan enter me.


“Did you cum?”


“I wanted to but I couldn’t.”


“All I can see his him fucking you and you enjoying yourself.”




A few more thrusts I could feel Dan explode in me, filling my hole.


Dan went limp, climbed off me and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.


We both lay in bed until 09:00 and prepared to check out. The ride home we spent time talking about our hopes for the future and talked about what we would like to do with our lives. After that night, Dan and I connected at a much more emotional level. As a couple, we have considered trying this again with a stranger but I will have to see if we go through with it. As for Robert, I tried to contact him a few times to see how he was doing but I have not received a response from him. If you were to ask me, would I do it again? I would say yes but with changes. I know for some this experience maybe seen as cheating but for Dan and me it has worked miracles. From the journey I learnt, wishing for something to come true means, the path is not straight but filled with many unexpected turns.




Sloppy Seconds for Breakfast


Fantasy Faire ... Unicornuus


Standing up grabbing our white floral print sheet off the bed Yvonne wraps it around her body, and as she wraps it around her body; the morning light coming through the window makes her look like an angel. Yvonne is 32 years old, standing5’ 7”, with flawless silky smooth ashy white skin, mid shoulder length brunette hair, 34 B breasts and has a sultry voice. Turning away from our bed, she walks out of the room and getting to the door she looks back saying in her soft playful voice with big smile lighting up her face, “I am going to finish what we started last night.” As she leaves the room, the feel of the cool morning spring air coming through the open window it feels cold against my exposed skin. The shock of the cold air gently flowing over my skin brings me out of my stupor but it not enough to damper my excitement of what is about to happen.


In order for you to understand, why I am still lying in bed, I need to start from the beginning. Last night begins like any date night for us, involving going out for the evening to a movie then out for supper and depending on the time maybe out for drink before going home. Like many other couples, we use date night as a chance to reconnect and have the opportunity to put issues of daily life behind us. Date night for us is our chance to unwind and to put the week behind us allowing us to be a couple for a night. However, the last few weeks have been hectic for us and did not have as much time as we wanted for date night. This week our agreement was to meet at the movie theatre early in order to maximize our time out.


It was not until I was outside of the theatre with Yvonne outside of the theatre that I notice Yvonne wearing her short pleaded black skirt, her sheer silky white blouse, black tights, and her black heels. She looked stunning and preparation for tonight left me wondering if something was up. Looking at I her being contemplating if I should make a comment like, “You looking you as though you are wanting some tonight.”


From previous experience, I know if my timing is off on a comment and it is taken the wrong way then it would upset the rest of the evening. Instead, I decide to see how the evening transpire and keep quiet, for now.


After supper we took another cab to go out for drinks and on our way to the bar, Yvonne turn to me saying, “I noticed you were a bit shock at what I am wearing tonight. I chose this because I want to blow your mind tonight and wanted your imagination to run wild.” Yvonne is right her look really blew my mind and it not long before it begin racing with all of the possibilities. However, it is not long before I extinguish the thought of what is possible tonight because from previous experience Yvonne likes to be a bit of tease by pushing the limit of making me think something is going to happen when it will not happen. Nonetheless, one idea remain with me, Yvonne wants to fulfil the fantasy of me watching while she fucks another guy.


There have been a few opportunities in the past to make this fantasy real but Yvonne always gets “cold-feet” after taking a few steps towards going through with it. Nonetheless, since she is in a playful mood, I decide to somewhat push the boundary with her in order to gage where the boundary for tonight exist by saying, “Who knows, you might get lucky tonight.” After saying that, I could see Yvonne’s eyes get wide like a kid on their birthday waiting to open up their presents.


Usually after saying something like that to Yvonne, she usually respond with something that let me know that she is just teasing and bring me back to reality, such as “You are the only one I want to fuck tonight,” or “I want to be faithful and would not do that.”


This time she did not respond with her typical reply and instead this time she coyly said, “Be careful for what you wishful because it might come true,” after hearing that I know tonight is going to be different.


Getting out the cab, we enter the bar. Other than having a relaxing atmosphere and being a place that we frequent for the last five years there is nothing that makes it special. Walking in the music is playing loudly in the background, the lighting is dark, and the tables are several feet from the bar. The number of patrons for a Friday night is not as full as it usually is. As we begin to walk into together Yvonne turns to me saying, “Are you in the mood for some fun?” Yvonne’s face shows both excitement and playfulness.


Not sure how to respond I stop and cautiously ask, “What do you mean?”


Grabbing my wrist and looking into my eyes she says, “I was thinking maybe we could try to fulfil our fantasy, are you up for it?”


I had a 99.9% feeling I know what she meant but if it is what I think she meant then I need to be 100% sure, cautiously I ask again, “What do you mean?”


Lacking confidence in her reply she says, “I was thinking, maybe I could go to the bar alone and you could watch from the distance.”


Grabbing my curiosity with that statement, I ask her to continue. “Once at the bar I could let a guy buy me a drink, flirt with him and you can watch. Then if he is interested you could introduce yourself and invite us to the table.”


Not needing much time to think I agreed by telling her, “I will let you go in first so it appears you are alone.” It was about five minutes later that I enter and sitting at a table where I had a clear view of Yvonne.


The table was actually a booth onside with two chairs opposite the booth, which was a good 40’ – 50’ from the bar with an unobstructed view. However, I was not certain if Yvonne could see me and decided not to call attention to myself by staring too much. Since it was not as full, as it normally is on Friday, Yvonne was not attracting the attention that she could attract and beginning to wonder if we left without another male, would she be willing to try again?


Looking at the time, I figure I will give her another 10 minutes before saying it is not going to happen, tonight. As I was just about to give up Brad sits next to Yvonne. Brad, I would have to say is about 15 years Yvonne’s senior. He is about 6’2 with primarily gray hair but does show some strands of black hair. His face is beginning to show some age with a few noticeable wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. Build wise he does have some definite muscle definition but is definitely not muscular. Oddly, I never took Yvonne to have an interest in older men as she tends to prefer people closer to her age. Nonetheless, observing them from a distance it is obvious that Brad is taking an immediate interest in Yvonne and Yvonne is reciprocating the interest. Not wanting to ruin anything that might be developing I decide it was best to see where things were going.


While waiting to see if the interest continue, I begin contemplating my next step, which either involves playing dumb whereby apologizing to Yvonne for running late forcing her to introduce me or being straightforward inviting Brad to the table. In order to get an idea of what direction I should take, I glance in their direction and observe their interaction. Yvonne has her body turned towards Brad with her chest out, and likewise Brad is facing her with his hand lightly resting on her inner thigh. Usually Yvonne does not let people get that close to her and if anyone invades her personal space, she will pull back from them. Seeing this, I know there is an interest in Brad and know my decision will dictate if things progress. Looking away from them in order not to attract attention, I contemplate what to do. At first, my intuition is leaning towards the former idea but hesitant about it. After thinking about it the difficulties that playing stupid will bring, I opt for the latter since Brad might already see me sitting here watching them from a distance. Moreover, if I opt for the former idea it could mean I turn-off Brad to the idea destroying everything up to this point. Time finally came to go over there, standing up from the table I could feel my legs trembling, my heart racing, and my palms become sweaty from anticipating what may happen next. The walk over to them feels like a 15 minutes walk but the reality is it the walk only took a few seconds. At first neither Yvonne nor Brad notice me standing next to them. Yvonne must have caught a glimpse of me by saying, “Sorry I did not notice you standing there.”


“Not a problem… I see you are talking to someone?“ I said while looking at Brad.         “This is my husband, George.”


At first, he looks shocked and embarrassed until I say, “not to worry… I have been observing both of you from a distance, would you like to join Yvonne and myself at a table and we can talk some more?”


For a minute, Brad pulls back and sits straight indicating to me that he is a bit hesitant. Figuring out that he might be hesitant, I state to Brad, “join us for a drink and if after the drink you want to leave then feel free to leave.” This seems to put Brad at ease and we walk over to the table.


Once we arrive at the table Brad and Yvonne sit in the booth with me sitting opposite of them. Going through the typical social pleasantries, Brad’s interest in Yvonne begins increasing. Yvonne is now sitting with her legs apart and Brad’s hand is resting on her inner thigh. This time his hand is underneath her skirt on the outside of her pussy lips and Yvonne’s face appearing flushed from where his hand is resting. A few moments later, Yvonne says she is going to the bathroom and as she does, she lightly touches my hand, looks at me, and smiles. Her silent gesture tells me she wants Brad and I figure it is time to move things forward. After she leaves and I am confident Yvonne is gone, I say to Brad, “Yvonne is quite interested in you and how would you like to come home with us?”


Never having done this before I was not sure if Brad will oblige me or if this will ignite a furious reaction, the reaction he gave was not what I was expecting. He takes a few moments before responding with a quiet nervous, “yes.” After hearing yes from Brad it took pressure off of me and I began feeling quite excited for what is about to happen.


About a minute after Brad saying yes Yvonne returns and I say, “Hun, I invited Brad to join us for a nightcap at our place, hope you do not mind?”


Her eyes became quite large and her face showing excitement as she said, “Silly, why would I mind? It will be fun having Brad over tonight,” with that statement, we leave.


Cab arrives, both Brad and Yvonne sit in the back seat, and I decide I will sit in the front seat to see if anything interesting will happen. The cab pulls out of the parking lot and about five minutes from the house, while glancing in the driver’s mirror, I see Brad putting his arm around Yvonne and with that hand, he is caressing Yvonne’s breast. His other hand is under her skirt fingering her pussy and Yvonne was kissing his neck. As we were turning on the street to our house, I said to “Ok kids we are almost home, “and as I said that the cab pulls up to our house. I pay the driver and I began fumbling for the keys to let us inside of the house.


Once we were all inside, I close the door, and Yvonne say, “I am going upstairs to change and hun’ why don’t pour us each a cup of wine.”


After that, I direct Brad to the living room and tell him, “Make yourself comfortable, I will only be a moment.”


After pouring the wine for Brad and I, I enter the living room seeing Brad sitting on the couch and I sit on the chair opposite of Brad. Brad and I start talking about what Yvonne likes in bed. I explain to him that, “Yvonne likes a lot of attention and enjoys foreplay especially being eaten out. If you rush, she will not enjoy it but if you take time to please her, Yvonne’s pussy when she cums will actually grab your cock, which could give you an incredible orgasm,” I explained.


“Even if you did not get her that far, she was relatively easy to please,” I said.


He then ask if I minded if he fucked her first and I said, “I believe that is what she is expecting.” This talk seems to help Bread relax and I could hear Yvonne moving about upstairs. Hearing her moving about upstairs, I know she was ready for us and I told Brad, “To put down you wine glass and follow me upstairs.”


When we got to the top of the stairs, I open the door slowly and says to her, “I hope that you are ready,” and entering the room I can only see the outline of her naked body since she had the room lit with three large cylindrical shaped vanilla scented candles.


The smell of the candles was a light mixture of vanilla combined with the smell of heated wax. She motions to Brad to join on the bed and she then puts her hand up in a stop motion, signalling for me to wait. Yvonne says, “Not yet, I want you to watch and enjoy.” Saying that I know she was making a fantasy of ours come true and I became immediately hard.


Watching, I could see Yvonne lying on her back with her legs spread in anticipation of what is to come and Brad placing his left knee in between Yvonne’s legs and his right knee outside of Yvonne’s. For the most part Brad was kneeling in front of Yvonne but was leaning a bit forward so that she could undress him. Once she got to his pants he stands up facing her, she rolls on her side to undo his pants and slides his pants with his underwear to the floor. Once they fell to the floor, the silhouette of Brad’s six inches uncut cock is noticeable and once his cock was, exposed Yvonne began sucking it. Yvonne sucking his cock and caressing his balls lasted only a few moments before Brad climbs back on to the bed. Once Brad is on the bed, he begins kissing her neck as he worked his way down to her breasts. Brad starts sucking one of her nipples while caressing the other and rolling the other nipple around in his finger. Then, he begins slowly moving down her and as he did Yvonne quivers with pleasure and begins quietly moaning. Once he is near her pussy, he pauses and he first begin to stroke her inner thigh. As he did this, she began quivering a bit more and moaning a bit louder. Before fingering her pussy and rubbing her engulfed clit, he teases the outside of her pussy.  He does this for a while bring her to brink and then pulling her from it. Then he begins to use his tongue to stimulate her clit as he continues to finger her. As he does this, it is apparent he is enjoying her wetness, enjoying her scent, and enjoying the slight sweet taste it can have. By this time, Yvonne is beginning to have small orgasms and beginning to yell, “This is fucking great, don’t stop. Fuck me now…” Seeing her enjoy this made me even harder, I thought about joining them but there is something erotic about watching this.


As Yvonne’s body is quivering from the enjoyment and my heightening arousal, I decide to walk over joining them. I stand at Yvonne’s side where she grabs my hard cock and she begins stroking it as Brad begins eating her out. Yvonne began yelling out, “this is fucking incredible, both of you continue with what you are doing.” I could see that Brad had some pre-cum on his cock by now and can tell from Yvonne’s body posture that she was ready for a good fucking. When Yvonne is ready for a good fucking it means she is very aroused and as she gets closer to cumming her pussy grasps the  hard cock like choking a snake before she cums for about 30 seconds. Since Brad never had that experience, I motion to him it is time for him to enter her otherwise she will cum and he will miss the experience. As he begins to slide into her in a missionary position with him on top, I take a step back to watch. Sliding into her, I hear a wet sloshing like sound, which is usually made when Yvonne is wet when I enter her as we are about to have sex.


Yvonne begins yelling, “fuck me… I want you to fuck me hard and don’t stop even when I cum.” By Yvonne saying that, Brad begins lays on top of her hugging her and as he hugs her, he pulls close to him. The pulling lifts her up slightly on the bed and he is thrusting slightly upwards.


As he thrusts he beings feverishly fucking her telling her, “you are an incredible fuck, move faster!”


After about three hard thrusts form him Yvonne yells out, “fucking yes…,” and a few moments later she slightly arches her back indicating to me she is cumming hard. Brad continues a few more thrusts before he cums too. He lies on top of Yvonne for a few minutes until he goes soft and slides out of her. Finally, he rolls off her lying next to her on her left side.


I approach Yvonne on her right side, I can see that her pussy is red from being fucked, it is wide still twitching, and cum is leaking out of her. The smell of cum, which I equate with smelling like ageing fish, and the smell of sweat, permeates the room. Finally, I stand by bed with Yvonne rolling towards me grabbing my cock and it does not take much before I cum over her chest. Feeling a great release, I join Brad and Yvonne on the bed lying on Yvonne’s right side. We lie there for about an hour caressing and kissing Yvonne. Yvonne returns the attention to the both of us.


Brad asks if he can stay the night and Yvonne gets up to take him to the guest bedroom next to the bedroom. Yvonne does not immediately return and I can hear some talking. Once she has Brad settled in the bedroom Yvonne comes into the room to ask me, “Would you mind if I fucked Brad in the morning alone? I mean, you would be here in the house but not in the room. I really would like to have his cock one more time.”


I replied by saying, “Things so far have worked out great and if that is something you want to do I have no problem with it.” The thought of her fucking Brad alone in the morning makes me hard and again this time she climbs on top of me. Once she is on top we went at like it was out first time and as she moved the bed creaked. After we both came again, she climbs down and we fall asleep.


This brings me to the present, laying here naked with no blankets and why I am waiting for Yvonne to return, my reason, I can hear the two of them fucking in the bedroom next to us with Yvonne loudly moaning and once Yvonne is done it will be my turn to have my fun.  I do not know how long she will be but cannot wait until she comes back. What happens after she returns is a story for another day.