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Threesome trends


Location of the United Arab Emirates


I am on who finds metrics, statistics of measurement, fascinating. One of the more fascinating trends I notice the vast majority of my readers come from the US with the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India making up the top five. The next five includes Italy, Netherlands / Holland, Germany, and South Africa. Last interesting group my top 20 countries for readers includes United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Currently I live in the UK and in the past I have lived in the US. Based on my experience, I can understand the US interest. However I am baffled by the UK and India. Granted swingers clubs exist in the UK but I find threesome / swinging is not as popular. Instead I find long-term marriage or committed relationships are not as emphasized in the UK. In addition, I notice, there is a bit more interest in BDSM, dogging, and infidelity tends to be more prevalent. This leads me to question if many of my UK readers are US expats living in the UK. Since US expats, I believe, is the fifth largest immigrant group in the UK.


This brings me to readers in India and this totally “blows my mind.” I know many Indians in the UK and from a cultural perspective, none of them strike me as being remotely interested in the idea of pursuing a threesome.  At least for me, I have to question if in India the idea of threesome is equated with infidelity or if it is popular in an area of India?


The question I want to ask, does anyone:


  1. Why do you feel there are many readers from the US?
  2. Does anyone have an insight or experience with the threesome / group sex scene in the UK that might be able to shed some light on this? Is it primarily US expats or is there a genuine British interest in threesomes?
  3. Does anyone have any insight into India and why there is an interest in threesomes?
  4. Why is the topic of threesomes interest Saudis and U.A.E. U.A.E., at least my impression they are a bit more open to Western influence and do not try to restrict it as much as the Saudis. This could explain some of it but I am interested in reading what others think.






Canadian study on sex and threesomes

Population density (people per km 2 ) map of t...

As an author I am interested in information that objectively looks at sex and threesomes. Surveys are a great way to ask questions, to methodically get information and to report it in consistent way. It gives a snapshot of a population at a particular point in time and it provides an excellent resource for comparison.

A drawback to a survey is a question asked can be influenced by the personal views of the person drafting the questions, people selected may not be representative of the population and generalizations may not always be possible. Meaning, the results reported may not be a true representation of the overall population. Nonetheless this study, in particular, is interesting because the threesome rate for Canadians is higher than Americans and the number of partners Canadian women have, in some instances, exceeds males.

This is a quick read and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.