Profile of swingers

I found this to be a very interesting article regarding swingers. It also contains stats and a link to another article. Overall I think it does a good job with the topic.

My question for those who follow me, do you agree agree with the statements in the article? Do you have different experiences?


I have already written a blog about the profile of swingers. But Dr. Edward Fernandez presented his latest research on the subject on the Annual Alternative Sexualities Conference in San Francisco September 2013 and I will give you the main points from his studies as well.

Swingers are people who live in an emotional monogamous relationship but who have consensual sex with other people than their partner. Facts on swingers:

musical_faces–          About 70% are between 25 and 55 years old. Women are a bit younger than the men.

–          Many women are either bisexual or bi-curious

–          85% are either married or cohabiting with a partner

–          Twice as many women (14%) as men (7%) report swinging on a weekly basis

–          Swingers have a higher average education level than the population in general

–          Swingers represents all walk of life both in term of job types and political…

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The Dilemmas of Extramarital Sex

A good and thought provoking blog. Hopefully some of my readers will reply to the questions.