Fantasy versus Reality of having a threesome: Chapter 6 – You can never go back

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Without time travel the impact of a bad decision cannot be reversed

Recall reaching the time when agreeing having a threesome. I suspect there is some interpretation along with a youthful optimism of everything being okay. That optimism essentially fuels the drive towards having the threesome and protects from worrying about every small detail of what can go wrong. Also, it creates a warm emotional bond with your “significant other” and it creates a feeling of closeness when entering the unknown territory of having a threesome.

Whilst having a youthful optimism about having a threesome creates closeness and protects against worrying, it has a dark-side. As human beings we want to see the good in everyone and everything around us. When we use blinders for seeing good, it is difficult to ask tough questions. Asking tough questions is important as a threesome quickly approaches instead of approaching a threesome as two teenagers experiencing puppy-love for the first time. Asking tough questions such as:

  • Is this the right decision for us
  • Is this the right decision for me
  • Is our choice for the third person the right choice?
  • Is there anything about them that makes me uncomfortable that needs to be discussed?
  • How am I going to cope with seeing my “significant other” (SO) having sex in front of me / How am I going to feel having sex with someone else in front of my SO?
  • Will I be supportive to my SO if it they have a bad experience and help them work through the issue?
  • How will I feel, if I lose my SO over this decision?

Up until the threesome happens there is an opportunity to say either, ‘no,’ or ‘this needs to happen slower.’ Once the clothes comes off, flesh is pressing against flesh, and intercourse occurs there is no way to reverse it. At that point, the only thing that can be done is perceiving the event as not being negative and working through the issues as they occur. Therefore the reality of having a threesome, it is easier to stop a bad decision than fixing it.