Non-monogamy is stigmatised

Another great article by EroticZeitgeist regarding non-monogamy and the societal prejudices that are held about the growing lifestyle. I believe, this article sheds some light onto issues faced by those who choose a non-monogamous lifestyle and it is an excellent article for someone wanting more information. In my opinion, this is an article well worth reading.


The non-monogamous relationship is becoming still more popular. But we have a lot of prejudice towards people in non-monogamous relationship and very little knowledge. People in monogamous relationships often find it very difficult to understand non-monogamy and even when non-monogamous people are explicitly happy they are still regarded as someone who live a sexually riskier life, they are less accept-able, they are expected to have lower relationship quality, they are expected to be less sexually satisfied, and they are seen as lonelier than people in monogamous relationship. This is all wrong and based on prejudice.

tIt is interesting though that when asked about men in non-monogamous relationships separately then they are regarded as more sexually happy than monogamous men and happier than women in either type of relationships. This indicates that people find that men are happier with multiple sexual partners but they don’t believe that this is the case…

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