Announcement: George and Melissa now available for Kindle Download

Hi All,

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After much consideration, I have decided to make available for download the George and Melissa stories on Kindle. This means the stories are available together in e-book form. Also I have decided to offer two versions of the book. The regular version includes the stories and the expanded version also includes an introductory chapter that sets the basis for the story along with a concluding chapter.

In order to generate interest in the book I have kept the price down. If you enjoy the series or want to show support for this site, I would encourage you to download a copy.

If you are wondering, does this mean the end to the series? The short answer, is yes on this site. However, I may add stories to the Kindle addition or I may create another book in the series. Please note the links here are for Amazon in the US, which as I understand it includes India, and on the left there is a category ‘Book Sales’ that links with the Kindle books from several countries. Please select your country and if your country is not listed then please select the most appropriate country.