A must see movie about swinging


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Before this continues it is important for any reader of the blog to know this blog is this author’s opinion.  In no way has this author been asked to write this blog for the movie mentioned and this author has not been paid to write it.


Group sex has been activity that has been around for thousands of years but it has been an activity that has been taboo, not discussed. Without an open public discussion it has left many to venture into the form of sexual activity unaware of what to expect and left those who participated in the activity to learn about it through the mistakes they made. After Word War II the media began taking an interest in ‘wife swapping’ and up until now the media tended to portray wife swapping from a one dimensional perspective in order to generate profit. This has led to an increase in interest in this type of activity while at the same time creating a misconception of the activity. It appears there has been an attempt to portray ‘wife swapping,’ in a wider perspective group sex, in a more balanced light, and this author’s feeling, ‘Swinging with the Finkels,’ is that attempt.


For those who have not seen ‘Swinging with the Finkels,’ it is a light-hearted comedy that shows the a fictitious couple trying closed swapping, ‘wife swapping where each ‘couple’ has sex in separate rooms, in order to add spice to their relationship that has become mundane after other attempts to revive it fail and to prevent cheating. The strength of the movie lies in it attempt to show how the fictitious couple, the Finkels, arrive at deciding to try wife swapping and the after effects of the decision. Another strength of the movie is its’ ability to show the impact of not talking, in detail, about the decision to have a threesome and its impact on the relationship. The last strength of the movie is its ability to show the effort involved in finding a suitable couple.


With that said there are a few areas where the movie seemed to stumble. Probably the biggest area is its failure to draw on a potential strength, American couples living in London and drawing on the awakening many American couples go through once they are exposed to the European attitude towards sex. This author feels, had the movie’s director drawn upon that, it would have made the movie more cohesive and made the movie stronger. The author area where the movie seemed to stumble is that it reinforced current politically correct value and this occurs when the couple discovers they remained monogamous to each other. For this author, if the movie took the next step whereby the couple talked about the experience, accepted that it occurred and then moved on then it would have been a more enjoyable movie. Finally this author can understand why the term swinging was used in the title but this author feels since the wife swapping was a one-off experience it was not swinging.


Overall ‘Swinging with the Finkels,’ is a good attempt to provide wife swapping with a balanced viewpoint. The biggest drawback to the movie is that it still reinforces politically correct view about monogamy and it fails to draw upon strength of the movie the awakening of an American couple regarding a different viewpoint about sex. Nonetheless anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted comedy about group sex will not be disappointed with this movie.