Overcoming resistance to the idea of a threesome


It is easy to search on the Internet the topic overcoming resistance to a threesome and find thousands of articles on the topic. Some will claim to have the secret formula while others will present other solutions such submissive training. In this author’s opinion none of them work and this author believes there is another approach. This approach involves using time to your advantage, building the relationship, and communication.

Before preceding this author does not claim it will lead to success but feels it can work in lowering the resistance to the idea thereby making the chance a threesome will occur more likely. The first aspect is time and this author feels it is analogous to a journey. In a journey the path is not always clear, sometimes detours need to be made and sometimes taking a rest is needed. Time can work wonders if the individual is allowed to think about having a threesome, process the information and has the opportunity to ask questions even though their reaction may have been quite negative. For time to work the individual must be allowed to think about it for a period of months or years before the subject is brought up again. Pushing the idea can create further resistance thereby lowering the chance a threesome will occur and build resentment to the idea. If time is used correctly, by allowing the discussion to occur over months or years, then it should help in lowering the resistance to the idea.

Next aspect is building the relationship and this can occur while the individual thinks about the idea. Building the relationship goes beyond flowers and doing romantic things. At its core it is about working with your partner in building a secure and loving relationship. This means working at resolving issues, finding ways to make them feel secure in their relationship with you, and finding ways to relate to them. An example might be ensuring that you make time for them each week by doing something together such as going out for supper or finding an activity to do together. Also it means finding ways to improve the way the two of you communicate.

Last aspect is communication. Bringing up the idea of a threesome indicates there is a reason for wanting it. Communication in this context means finding ways to talk about the reason for wanting a threesome before it leads to conflict and being able to articulate the reason. Also it means trying to find, non-threatening ways to talk about threesomes, relationships, and sexual needs. This means finding a way to open up the discussion about threesomes and have the discussion about what it means for each person.  In essence communication means discussing the larger issue of sex, your relationship with each other and what it will mean for the relationship.

The above approach does not guarantee a threesome will occur but it should help in bringing forward the discussion about having a threesome. Furthermore the unique approach involves using time as an advantage and using it to discuss the idea at regular intervals. By starting the discussion about having a threesome is the first step to a threesome and if, as a couple, this discussion is fruitful then it will lead to the next step in the threesome process. Even if the discussions are not productive it is this author’s hope the discussions led to a securer relationship that is happier. Finally a relationship is not about what each other is willing to give the other but the unique qualities that each possess that makes the relationship special.