Family message about sex and impact on wanting a threesome

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality is a great source of research regarding sexual behavior and it is a good source for understanding the research surrounding sexual behavior. Recently a 16 June 2013 article talk about the role of family messaging about sex and its impact.

The sample was college / university students who receive extra credit and it raises questions about it application to adults older than 30. Also using a survey does raise questions about how the students responded. Nonetheless it does provide insight on how an individual’s family can shape a individual’s attitude about having a threesome. This can have a prolific impact on bringing up the idea, the response received, and attitude towards the threesome after it happens.

It is a good article for understanding how previous messages about sex can shape the experience and by understanding the article, it can help with discussing the topic. Therefore I encourage anyone wanting more understanding to read the article and think about how the message about sex impacts us all.