Is it baseball, length of daylight or the weather?


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Impact of sports, length of daylight, and the weather on stats


This site started in June 2011 and I have accumulated stats from WordPress over that time. As I reviewed my visitor and view stats I noticed a very interesting trend. My site stats varied with baseball season. Meaning I notice a slight drop in February, start of Spring training. Then a more significant drop in April, start of the baseball season and the rise in visitors starting in August, when it starts becoming apparent contenders for the World Series.


In contrast, these figures also correspond with the weather and the length of daylight. From the research I have read about threesomes, I have not come across any information that suggests seasons or length of day have any impact on the decision to have one. Does anyone have any ideas? Can the length of day or the weather impact the decision to have a threesome? Is it possible when baseball season starts there is a significant decline in the interest of having a threesome?


What do you think?