Swinging in Norway

I always enjoy reading about studies into ‘group sex’ and found this one very insightful. Another good aspect about this article it supports my insight about the link between confidence and being successful with threesomes. In my opinion this is a good article well worth the time to read.


In a recent study, the swinging community in Norway was researched.

Swingers participate in consensual non-monogamous behavior. They are often privileged, stable and otherwise ordinary people.


Most of the swingers are motivated to join the swinging communities because of sexual fantasies. In the beginning, they just talk about the fantasies and then gradually they start to live them out. In the swinging community, it is possible for both parties in the marriage to explore sexual desires and needs with several partners either as a couple or separately.


In general sexual satisfaction, self-confidence and the feeling of freedom increases for people when they become swingers. People also feel more attractive and become more satisfied with their own body and appearance. They also feel that their marriage get stronger. In particularly men feel more confident, and gets an improved self-image, which also have a positive influence on them in non-sexual…

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