My wife’s cuckold adventure




Birds chirping in the distance as I roll over to kiss Georgina on the forehead.  “Morning.”


“A few more minutes.”


“You came in late last night from work.”


Tiredly Georgina states, “I know.” Pausing a few moments, ” I will tell you about it when I get some coffee in me.”




Getting out of bed I notice Georgina’s black thong on the floor with a stain on it. There is not enough light in the room to see if it is cum or discharge. I pick them up, feeling them and I cannot be sure.


“What are you doing?”


“Nothing, I am trying to find my way out of the bedroom to make you some coffee.” I know I was lying and I was checking to see if she actually went through with it. Lately having her fuck another guy was something that dominates foreplay and it is something she is considering. However she has not said anything to me about her plans. The stain appears to be cum but I will not know until she gets her coffee.


Getting down stairs my mind wonders, who was it? What did she do? I can feel my cock is getting hard and my heart racing to the point where it becomes an obsession. Pouring the coffee to the side of the cup nearly burning myself, I cannot stop thinking about what Georgina did last night.


“Here is your coffee, dear.”


“Thank you”


“You said you were going to tell me about last night.”


“I hope you do not get mad,” pausing a few moments before speaking in a soft trembling voice, “I did something and I do not know how you will react.”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Well,” pausing for a few moments, “I do not know where to begin.”


“Okay, ”


I hear the nervousness in her voice and as I wait for her speak I am getting quite aroused since I know where the conversation is heading.


“You know I have been telling you how much I want another guy to fuck me.”


“Yeah, I know.”


“And how much I think I would enjoy it. Well,” another pause, “let’s just say I have been a good girl that has done something to please you.”


“I am confused what do you mean?” I knew what she meant but I am playing along with her. Hopefully it builds up the excitement for her.


“Well, there is so much.”


“Take your time.”


“To be honest with you I was not working as late as you thought.”


“I kind of figured that.”


“There’s more,” a long pause followed, “I have been able to meet someone.”


Georgina’s voice trembling, I can tell from the sound she is loosing confidence in telling me but at the same time she appears aroused.


“Not to worry, it is fine. I am not mad. I am quite interested, tell me.”


“Well, I have been chatting with someone online and we met after I was done at work, hence my call for being late.  In any event, I wanted a bit of the thrill of being naughty, you know meeting someone and I thought I could share it with you the next. However things went quicker farther than I planned.”


“Tell me more, it is alright.”


“He is a bit older than me, very soft-spoken, and went to dinner. I had a glass of beer and I am not sure what happened. Maybe it was the alcohol, the thrill of it or a combination of many things but I got really horny. I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples getting hard. I knew I had to do something.”


“So what did you do?”


“I was sitting next to him and I put my hand in between his thigh. At that point I could tell he was getting hard and wanted me, so I suggested we leave.”


“No offense you could have come home at that point.”


At that point, I could see her green eyes get wider, her skin become a bit flushed, and at that point I knew she was going to tell me everything.


“I know, but something kept me from going home. At that point I knew I wanted to be fucked and have a different cock sliding in my wet pussy. That is point I knew I wanted his cock in me and I did not care what time I got home.”


“What were you thinking?”


“Nothing, I said to him told him to take me to his place and he did.”


Again I looked at her and I could tell she appears to be reliving the experience again.


“We got there and said nothing. He took me to his bedroom and guided me to his bed where he undressed me. He then laid me down and began to eat me out. I think I must have came six or seven times, at that point I was craving his cock in me.”


“Did he fuck you?”


” I undressed him and guided him into me. I could feel my pussy devoring his cock like a hungry dog. With ever thrust it sent me further into ecstasy a part of me wanted to cum but another part of me wanted to wait. He kept fucking me and he finally came and his cum gushed out of me.”


“So why didn’t you shower?”


“I wanted to share it with you and wait to see how long it would take you to figure out what happened.”


At that point I could see Georgina wanted me, I rolled her on her back, gently spread her legs, and savored the taste of her adventure. She began moaning, “oh my… yes.” I could tell she was coming and I could tell by telling me about her adventure it made her cum very hard. Soon I entered her feeling her hot, wet and sticky pussy grasping my cock. Filling her with my cum I felt in heaven and I could tell she was enjoying it too. We feel back to sleep enjoying the adventure that came to a close.




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